33,000,000 ≠ 15 Cases

This post’s headline obviously debunks Donald J. Trump’s magical thinking… his unfounded (02/26/20) coronavirus claim…

“You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”

As complete and accurate as this Real Time Counter strives to be, what it fails to report are the oceans of tears… of the patients, the medical professionals who are trying to save them, and last but not least, all who are mourning those, who did not make it back home… well… at least not back to their homes found on earth.

BTW…  if you’ve been guessing that coronavirus will soon be done with us… guess again.

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!


Stay on Board with the following life saving advice, too…

[1] Scrub hands often (at least 20 seconds each time), [2] Cover all coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Observe social distancing protocols (remain at least 2 meters / 6 feet apart, [5] Wear protective face masks in public, [6] Avoid large crowds, [7] socially isolate at home, [8] Self-quarantine if you’re feeling ill / seek medical professionals’ help if necessary, [9] Know that you can be asymptomatic and still be spreading COVID-19 to others, and [10] Some epidemiologists now believe mere speaking can shed coronavirus; human airborne “droplets” remaining contagious for long periods of time. Ergo, it’s possible to contract COVID-19 even if you are the only one in the vicinity. Our best defense is to WEAR OUR MASKS every time we’re in public… watch video, below, for further details…

This post’s headline gets updated, regularly, to reflect the Real Time Counter’s COVID-19 reported cases (worldwide).

Worldwide COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Timeline:
(Military Time / Eastern U.S. Timezone readouts)

5,640,739 = 05/30/2020 06:07
7,000,000 = 06/07/2020 18:27
8,000,000 = 06/15/2020 13:23
9,000,000 = 06/22/2020 02:36
10,000,000 = 06/27/2020 17:50
11,000,000 = 07/03/2020 08:59
12,000,000 = 07/08/2020 17:10
13,000,000 = 07/13/2020 06:27
14,000,000 = 07/17/2020 14:13
15,000,000 = 07/21/2020 21:12*
16,000,000 = 07/25/2020 17:17
17,000,000 = 07/29/2020 16:17
18,000,000 = 08/02/2020 08:05
19,000,000 = 08/06/2020 14:03*
20,000,000 = 08/10/2020 09:58

*4,000,000 = 07/21/2020 15:50 (USA cases)
*5,000,000 = 08/06/2020 14:29 (USA cases)

21,000,000 = 08/13/2020 18:17
22,000,000 = 08/17/2020 22:50
23,000,000 = 08/21/2020 20:11
24,000,000 = 08/25/2020 19:34
25,000,000 = 08/29/2020 14:02
26,000,000 = 09/02/2020 11:44
27,000,000 = 09/05/2020 18:44
28,000,000 = 09/09/2020 21:35
29,000,000 = 09/13/2020 14:56
30,000,000 = 09/16/2020 21:42

+6,000,000 = 08/27/2020 04:07 (USA cases)

31,000,000 = 09/20/2020 09:39*
32,000,000 = 09/23/2020 18:49
33,000,000 = 09/26/2020 20:26

*7,000,000 = 09/20/2020 19:39 (USA cases)


Additional COVID-19 Commentary…

On 06/27/2020, we learned that in a mere ½ year, ½ million members
of our human family have perished, needlessly so, considering the folly
of world “leaders” who, too oft, opt to dishonor Time-Honored Science!






Is a coup d’état dress casual?


Hmm, now there’s an odd question this old-hand, seasoned, true blue American citizen never, ever expected he’d be asking; especially when that DC bash’s backdrop is expected to bleed outward to EveryTown, U.S.A.

Not that, at that point, I’d actually give a F about my fashion statement. But I do suppose, at the very least, the fabric should be stain-resistant; seeing how bloodstains are a bitch to remove.

• Will attendance be mandatory? We do know how VainMan is obsessed about size (uh, crowd size). I guess showing up would be advantageous; almost anything would be better than having to hear that big baby bellyaching / screeching re his low numbers till he’s iridescent orange in the face.

• Would anyone still have the balls to raid that odious blowout and shut ‘er down?

That, of course, IS the $64 Zillion question.

• But, WTF is the answer?

To all outward appearances, generals (who, btw have sworn to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”) don’t seem to be all that concerned re that firebrand’s brand of flaw and disorder.

• But, might appearances be deceiving?

It is possible that our top brass have been sporting their finest poker faces; i.e., laying in wait until the very last moment where / when they’ll be ding-donging the despot’s doorbell. And, soon afterwards, be hauling his fat Fascist fanny off the premises and lead-footing the paddy wagon off to the stockade.

At that point, I actually would give a F about my fashion statement.

Yep, I’d be donning my party hat and glad rags!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Mask-Up to END the DEATH!

As of this Sunday, September 27, 2020, scant minutes ago, the RoyLab statisticians have reported that SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) (COVID-19) has claimed the lives of 1 Million members of our Human Family, worldwide.


As complete and accurate as their Real Time Counter strives to be, what it fails to report are the oceans of tears… of the patients, the medical professionals who are trying to save them, and last but not least, all who are mourning those, who did not make it back home… well… at least not back to their homes found on earth.

Let’s pause for a few moments to reflect and send forth our unified wave of sympathy to their surviving loved ones.

Let’s all pause, too, to realize that a goodly portion of these 1 Million Souls could’ve avoided their untimely deaths, had leaders’ wiser heads prevailed… had they proactively and promptly conveyed life saving advice… shared the incontrovertible truth that public Masking-Up is our best defense and everyone’s moral and civic duty!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








A Well-Versed Dumb Real Donald?

From 1973 – 1982, long before the Real Donald became a household word, we found the clever and clairvoyant Match Game writers submitting Dumb Donald scenarios for emcee Gene Rayburn to recite to the panelists, contestants and all who were playing along in the home and studio audiences.

Normally, at this juncture, I’d be presiding over a Dumb Donald Clip, but, since my demand has nearly exhausted YouTube’s supply, I’ll now need to breathe new life into my shtick. ISO inspiration, namely, head-to-head matches with our dearly departed, Match Game souls, I’ve been simulating, semi-serious seances. And methinks this graying old coot has not been departing the spirit world alone! Indeed, the new, game show host persona, from within me, now emerges to preside over this reincarnated, revamped game show format. Voilà and Ta-Da!

Welcome contestants, one and all, to Match Game 20-20. I’m M.C. Grayburn. Our new rules are straightforward. Each of you will have one chance to match as many of our six, predetermined responses as possible. You’ll be playing for a priceless grand prize; the affirmation that you’re still a clearheaded, critical thinking non-consumer of the Kool-Aid™!

If your non-matching, responses prove more clever than Match Game’s, you’ll still be a winner! To claim your prize, post your witty and/or wise alternatives in the comment section, below.

Soooooo, let’s play Match Game 20-20.

Check out this fill-in-the-blank limerick:

Real Dumb Donald is nasty as phlegm! Ick!
So deserving of this rant / polemic,
He won’t restrain deadly strain,
Nor rein in brutal cops’ reign,
Instead, props up ___________.

Once the “think music” starts, you’ll have 1 Minute to think up your 6 responses.
And, btw, no peeking beneath the turquoise hued, rectangular secrecy partition!

Real Dumb Donald is nasty as phlegm, ick,
So deserving of this rant / polemic,
He won’t restrain deadly strain,
Nor rein in brutal cops’ reign,
Instead, props up ___________.

1. FOX henchmen endemic
2. ass kissers systemic
3. schools non-academic
4. racism systemic
5. fake science alchemic
6. corona pandemic

My thanks to all who showed up to play today! M.C. Grayburn for Match Game 20-20, good-bye and be sure to…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!









Abby’s Day (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to our ongoing journey thru the vast realm of Sunday titled songs. Our Week #107 stopover meets up with this day’s tour guide, Ms. Abby Travis, who’ll be filling in all the pertinent lyrical / philosophical details to Sunday is the Day for Love.

A few fun facts, courtesy of her YouTube channel’s About Section…

“Abby Travis is an American musician, songwriter, and performer. In the 1990s Travis began working as a touring bass player. She has worked with The Go-Go’s, The Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, The Bangles, KMFDM, Beck, and Elastica. Abby’s first solo record was released under the moniker The Abby Travis Foundation; the rest have been under her own. To date she has released at total of four solo albums: The Abby Travis Foundation, Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop, GlitterMouth, and IV.”

Visit her Official Website, too!

If you’d like to check out our next destination, let’s meet up back here seven days from now. Till then…


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








The U.S. Extreme Court is Coming!


Preface: Regrettably, women maintaining full, legal control over their own bodies, rarely, if ever, is assured. While, in a perfect world, they’d rarely, if ever, need to seek abortions, such perfection rarely, if ever, is attainable.

Ever since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s demise, misogynistic senators have been in hog heaven, while waddling about DC’s metaphorical barnyard and wallowing in its standard issue mud puddle. They’ve been gleefully oinking, snorting and squealing about getting another crack at loading up the U.S. Supreme Court bench with, yet, another intolerant, injudicious ideologue.

Hell, these porkers have already summarily approved Donald J. Trump’s nominee; even though they know not who “The Chosen One’s” chosen one will be. All we really know is that the fake prez will be handpicking a woman, who is only a woman at the XX chromosome level. Functioning only at an atypically inconsiderate level, she will strike down Roe v. Wade; thereby, eventually, rendering all abortion (maybe even contraception) illegal.

Of course, such a political approach rarely, if ever addresses the root cause of abortion’s demand; namely, poverty. The  rarely, if ever answered question:

Why should rock-a-bye baby raising be a bough breaking, break the bank prospect?

Such a discussion could go on and on, but for the sake of brevity, let’s now cut to the chase.

Each and every feminist, now dwelling within Donny’s Dystopian America, must prepare herself for life overruled by a radical Supreme Court; an Extreme Court. In response, she must militantly nail her manifesto to her boudoir door to proclaim:

“So long as congressmen and judicial hacks insist on controlling women’s bodies, I will be controlling men’s bodies. If the only way for me to prevent problem pregnancies is to avoid sexual congress, then so be it!”

Perhaps, at that juncture, knuckle dragging senators’ feminist-idled gonads would cause them to go mad, leaving them little choice but to surrender to womankind’s demands for gender equality and the right to choose?

Granted, such a scenario is neither practicable nor sustainable. At best, this only illustrates the extreme measures it would take to trump Trump’s mucked up, U.S. Extreme Court; if that’d even be possible.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







AB Negative Narrative


We the People have not been abeam, abloom and abubble. Instead, we’re abundantly taken aback when, right from within DC’s Alabaster Abode, abject aberrations from the accepted norms abound.

That’s the obsessed and abscessed absolutist’s locale, from which he launches his absurd, abrasive, abusive, abysmal, abnormal, abominable, abhorrent, above the law plot.

That’s the crime scene, from where he unabashedly and abruptly abets the abatement, ablation, abortion, abrogation, abbreviation, abridgement, abolishment of human / civil rights; where he threatens to set ablaze the absentee ballots, too.

We the unwilling to grant absolution to any duly dethroned, refusing to abdicate power tyrant; we who are not able.to abide by / get aboard with Democracy’s absorption by Fascism, can only feel abandoned and abducted.

When our Constitutional protective passages do an about-face WTF is left?

Might we “escape” by going the absinthe and other potent potables route?

Might we abstain by absconding abroad ISO the aboriginal paradise lands?


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Postcard Parable (The Grade F F’er)


Once upon a time, an odd Ogre, afflicted with malignant narcissism,
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, tertiary syphilis & Alzheimer’s,
hopelessly mucked up (beyond all recognition and repair), the very
homeland he swore on the Bible he’d preserve, protect and defend!
As such, his ferocious delusions of grandeur misled him; resulted in
his erroneously grading his leadership skills A+ while 6 out of every
10 of his subjects only deemed the F’er F-worthy. Not “owning” even
one achievement to present to non-cultist electors, his traveling the
high road to stay in power wasn’t a viable option. Ergo, his low road
spin doctors sabotaged fair elections! He won. Citizens lost! The End!
Moral 1: Unfit kings are best served by doctors of medicine; not spin!
Moral 2: Spin doctors can only worsen & prolong what ails a nation!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home!  Mask up in public!  Stay Healthy!









Is there a Doctor in the house?


For anyone who actually gives a damn about public health / saving humanity, it’s impossible to not notice what common sense suggests could be a matter of life and death. Here’s what’s happening.

Now that in-person learning is underway within my community’s public schools, multiple dozens of student athletes have been jogging on the city sidewalks; unmasked and in a too close formation, which could not, possibly, even be approaching bare minimum, social distancing recommendations.

Granted, the medical experts have been claiming that COVID-19, typically, harms old people more than young AND, supposedly, is not particularly communicable outdoors.

Yet, Corona-V is so novel, one has to wonder…

• Do we really know every last damned one of its deadly capabilities?

• What about its adeptness at adapting / evolving into something even worse?

• Who’s to say that outdoor running’s increased, intensified respiration is not a risk factor?

• What if Trump’s bereft of science delusions still dictate Centers for Disease Control health safety protocols?

• Would it not be better to err on the side of caution?

• Since outdoor jogging affords plenty of room, why not triple the recommended social distancing norms?

• Is there a Doctor in the schoolhouse to look out for the well-being of the student body?

• Is there a Doctor in the vast WordPress house who, if warranted, would allay such concerns?


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








Susanne Scherer Shares a S&G Song

Preface: Bold font denotes paraphrased and quoted lyrical passages.

Susanne Scherer and Thomas Kolbin front MoonSun; which they describe as a Symphonic Power Metal Band.

Their usage of stunning orchestration and visuals further dramatize the dark, creeping, lyrical visions planted by Paul Simon within his composition, Sound of Silence; originally released back on 09/12/1965.

Simon emphasized / MoonSun reemphasizes how little good can ever come of a society when human rights (among them, freedom of speech) get sickened by a cancerous silence; when the people have “bowed and prayed to the neon god they made”; especially when that neon is a garish ORANGE!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!