Heartfelt Thanks WordPress Neighbors!

I’ve resided in the WordPress blogging community for 3 months. I’m just stopping by to tell You what an honor it is to live next door to such brilliant artists, authors, bloggers, educators, models, painters, philosophers, photographers, podcasters, poets, scholars and theologians!

At this network, there’s a robust, full-bodied, veritable United Nations’ worth of cultural, ethnic and spiritual diversity. I’ve met contemporaries, wise-beyond-their-years young people and folks representing many age brackets in between. Many of You I deem to be kindred spirits.

I’ve encountered the full gamut of Your heartfelt, human emotions and, in turn, You, who have touched my life… my very soul… have made me laugh out loud / tugged at my heartstrings until tears welled up in my eyes… have calmed me down / sparked my let’s-try-to-make-a-difference / do-something-about-it, non-violent, productive outrage.

I am deeply grateful that You have so graciously welcomed me and permitted me to access Your truly inspired work. For having met You, I have become a far better human being, philosopher and blogger.

To feel… to share… to bask in our communal, “we-are-all-in-this-together” spirit has reenergized me… has motivated me, anew… IS what makes me look forward to leaping out of my bed at the dawn of each new day.

I thank You and now dedicate this song to You… who I’ve already met… to You… who I’ve yet to meet…