A Goldilocksian Dilemma

It’s a given… most bloggers really don’t know me from Adam. That’s the likely reason why I’ve recently caught wind of something rather unsettling… that many of my April postings, where I’ve been exploring Divine Intervention, have been summarily judged to be “off-putting.” I won’t name this person’s screen-name because I’m a classy guy.

So… why do I blog about Religion? Well, to better understand where my head is at… thirteen Aprils ago, I watched someone very near and dear to me die before my very eyes. So forgive me for having undergone profound changes… forgive me if those feelings intensify at this time of year… forgive me for feeling close to God.

Granted… religion is a complicated thing. A Goldilocksian dilemma. Is it too soft? Too hard? Or just right? The most important things, here…

Whatever you believe is cool… even if you choose to believe in nothing at all. And by the same token… I’d hope you’d be open-minded enough to cut me the same amount of slack.

I’m not on a mission… repeat… NOT ON A MISSION … to convert anyone over to my religious beliefs. Be you agnostic or devout… I welcome you to my webpage. I’d hope you’d show me the same graciousness.

Does that mean we can’t compare and contrast our beliefs / disbeliefs? I would hope not. Cutting off the lines of communication runs totally counter to what a blogging community is supposed to be all about. If we cannot agree… then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Folks… I blog from my mind, heart and soul… I’m seeking life’s truths. I’m oft in that stream of consciousness mode… in hopes that… if lucky… I might stumble on to some of those truths… even if it’s just a microscopic portion of just one of those truths.

So… rest assured… re my blogs… there’s no need for you to rush off to your closet to grab your Hazmat suit. No need to take a headfirst plunge into a vat of anti-bacterial soap to wash your brain clean of my POV.

I oft come across as passionate… but that’s just my nature. To blog without passion? Why even bother!

Once again…

I blog from my mind, heart and soul. If in doing so I’ve offended the sensibilities of anyone… you have my heartfelt apologies.