Pale Blue Dot

Inspired by the late Carl Sagan, late this evening, I composed the following poem. We can only hope that it is not too late to save our world… not too late to save humanity.


Pale blue dot,

You are all we’ve got,

You ARE our only shot,

In our time, which you allot,

We beat you to a blot,

Be we grownup, teen or tot,

Humankind’s a sorry lot!


Pale blue dot,

During mortal folks’ time slot,

Against you we do plot,

Greenhouse gas has made you hot,

Fracking always HITS the spot,

The wounds we’ve caused won’t clot,

Our actions noble? NOT!


Dot pale blue,

The life force, you can’t imbue,

Laws of nature, now unglue,

Can’t we see your sickly hue?

Left ignored; problems accrue,

But we prodigals miss your cue,

We’ll be forced back home, it’s true!


Dot pale blue,

We do not heed your clue,

Venerate the smokestack flue,

Mutate the double helix queue,

Frustrate escape’s avenue,

There’ll come the day we rue.

Our accounts are all past due!


Blue dot pale,

Absent sweet scents; rose, hay bale,

Your food / water rank; air stale,

Unfit to eat, drink and inhale,

Not fit for eagle, man and whale,

Warning signs now on grand scale,

Freakish floods, snows, rains and gale!

Blue dot pale,

You writhe; are far from hale,

Do we stand on hill or dale?

On pinnacle or in swale?

On solid ground? Soft shale?

How do you end your tale?

With a whole schmear must go sale?