10 Tough Questions With 0 Easy Answers

Considering how Nice, France has just been added to the ever-growing list of terrorist attack sites, worldwide, and factoring in how unless the world, itself, comes to an end, there’s absolutely no end in sight re future attacks, elsewhere… here are my…

10 Tough Questions With 0 Easy Answers

1. Are we, the sitting ducks, the potential future victims, starting to experience the early stages of terrorism fatigue?

2. Have we already grown weary of EXISTING in this post 9/11 world? (NOTE: I didn’t say LIVING)

3. Are terrorist attacks starting to lose their shock value?

4. Are we even capable of still experiencing the level of fear that the terrorists expect from us?

5. If we were to ever come face to face with terrorists, would our last words be, “Be sure to do a good job so we don’t survive”?

6. If we were to become fatally wounded victims would each of us find dying to be a liberating experience?

7. If the terrorist attack method would permit such a “luxury”, would our final inhalations result in our exhaled sighs of relief?

8. Would we die with “free at last” smiles on our faces?

9. Is death the one and only way of extricating ourselves from of our Godforsaken, terrorist infested, hellhole of a world?

10. Or… are we secretly beginning to wish our Maker would put an end to this piecemeal slaughter, grow a set and simply blow up the Sun… and then be done with us once and for all?


ADDENDUM: My apologies for my above cynicism are only exceeded by my heartfelt condolences to families and friends of the Nice, France fallen and my wishes for the fullest recovery possible for all who survived this attack.