The Founding Fathers Had Foreseen ‘16

America’s Founding Fathers (FFs) wrote the concepts of representative government and majority rules into the Constitution. Most of these guys had presumed that this majority would consist of predominantly decent, levelheaded voters, who could be entrusted with electing respectable, sane leaders.

However… there had been a few skeptics amongst them, who could foresee the worrisome possibility of a dumbed down, gullible electorate being totally inept at choosing their presidents wisely.

To allay the naysayers’ fears, the FFs established the  Electoral College, which permitted state legislators the option of choosing electors who, ultimately, could even render the final presidential popular vote tally null and void.

That would act as a buffer / guard against both political buffoons and wicked bastards, alike… indeed thwart the plot of some “charismatic” tyrant, who might, someday, manipulate public opinion to rise to power… and then usurp even more of it later. Of course, with words like “usurp”, that usually means absolute power, which… as most of us already know… corrupts absolutely.

Well, folks, it would appear that the framers of the U.S. Constitution were prescient re this presidential matter… all the way up to America’s present-day election cycle.

Indeed… that “someday” has arrived. We’re seeing some misguided Americans, who are using their brains too sparingly / too conservatively. In that state of mindlessness, they’ve become politically intoxicated / enamored by a manipulative, narcissistic tyrant, who’s lusting for the Oval Office.

By now, I’m certain there’s little doubt whom I’m talking about… but let’s let the Huffington Post tell who he is, anyway… describe what that manipulative, narcissistic tyrant stands for.

Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims…1.6 billion members of an entire religion… from entering the U.S.

Folks, our differences are exactly what Donald Trump exploits solely for political gain. He vilifies anyone who is not waspy enough for him. He first strips the basic accoutrements of humaneness from the souls of his gullible, sycophantic, ignorant disciples. Next he executes a fashion makeover… re-outfitting these automatons in the white sheeted, white hooded “dress for regress” outfits of discrimination and hatred.

All of this severely clashes with everything, which decent, tolerance minded people still believe in, namely…

We celebrate our differences. We fully accept that human civilization consists of two major genders and a multitude of sexual identities in between… totally welcome all regardless of the level of skin melanin content… warmly embrace the wealth of spiritual, cultural and linguistic diversity.

We understand that the only legitimate way to evaluate a human being is whether that person is good or bad.

We, of sound mind, can only hope that the GOP can and will come to its senses to dump Trump at their upcoming, July 18th National Convention and, instead, select an as yet to be named candidate… ideally, someone who’s the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln (if such a woman or man even exists amidst their rank ranks).

If not… the Electoral College could wind up being our one last chance in preventing a Trump presidency. And if they don’t dump Trump, either… well… I don’t think America could ever survive even one minute… let alone four years… of this manipulative, narcissistic tyrant.

And how odd, indeed, it does feel knowing I must now alert my more sensitive readers to the following video’s graphic language… all the profanity being publicly uttered by a national level politician, no less.

Nevertheless, I now present to you an extremely un-presidential presidential wannabe… a buffoonish, boorish, bigoted bastard…