99 Word Blog #003 The Dense Red GOP Fog

Be you a liberal in need of validation or a Trump addict in need of an intervention, composer Casey J. Chapman’s video… her updated version of Woody Guthrie’s classic, This Land Is Your Land, should bring peace of mind.

She cuts through the dense, red fog, which had occluded Cleveland, Ohio (The 2016 Republican National Convention’s ground zero)… douses their inflammatory rubble… deodorizes their pervasive archconservative stench… trumps Donald Trump’s acceptance speech… bristling with his fear mongering, saber rattling and delusional appraisal of America.

With Trump’s speech, now committed to the history books, he, too, needs to be committed.


09/21/2016 ADDENDUM: Regrettably, Casey J. Chapman’s YouTube video is no longer available. I do hope that this was not due to rightwing backlash / censorship.

I now present these covers of This Land Is Your Land to fill the musical void.

Las Cafeteras / Gloria Estrada

Anna Robinson

Bruce Springsteen