Honoring Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan

First and foremost, I hope you’ve viewed the events presented in my blog’s intro clip… or are already familiar with them. Secondly, I would not be upset, in the least, if you read no further than the next paragraph. That said…

Please take a moment to honor the 27-year-young, Muslim-American Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, who while serving America in Baquabah, Iraq, defended his infantry unit against a gate crashing vehicle… sacrificed his own life to save the lives of his comrades in arms when an IED, which the car had been carrying, exploded.

Now, for those of you who are still with me…

Just for a moment, consider how you’d feel if you lost someone near and dear to you… be they soldier or civilian. If you’re one of millions like me… there’s no need to imagine. While survivors coping with the loss of loved ones is difficult, we can take some solace if the deceased had lived long enough to at least realize some of their hopes and dreams… that does help assuage our grief… allows us to gradually heal (a bit) and then (reluctantly) move on.

But what if death occurs under tragic circumstances and at an early age, the way young Captain Khan had perished? Worse yet, he (and every other soldier deployed to Iraq) had been needlessly put in harms way by a corrupt, archconservative administration loaded with chickenhawk war criminals. Worst of all is the fact that Khan had been defending a severely sectarian America… one where his being a Muslim garnered him, to put it mildly, ugly disrespect and unfounded suspicion. All of these factors have got to make his survivors’ grieving process triply difficult (if not more).

Now, let’s trade off a literal warzone for a figurative one… i.e., Captain Khan’s 2004 battle in Iraq for Clinton’s and Trump’s 2016 battle for the White House.

Here we witness hotheaded Donald Trump, who is pissed off over Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party gaining political traction from their raising awareness about Captain Khan’s valor. While Clinton’s noble intentions could, far too easily, be misconstrued as exploitation, need I remind that Humayun’s mother, Ghazala, and father, Khizr, both freely consented to appear at the Democratic National Convention?

In fact, their having stood upon the world stage to call attention to their son’s service to America AND to set the record straight that NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists… has got to help ease their grieving process. Considering the emotional pain they’ve suffered, America owes them this type of closure… indeed providing them such a forum has been twelve long years overdue.

The actual exploiter, here, is Donald Trump, himself. This is where the two presidential campaign trails drastically part ways.

Clinton is walking the compassionate high road. Hers is the voice of REASON… worthy of respect all around the civilized world.

As for Trump? He takes the lowest of the low roads imaginable. To HIM, it’s all about HIM… it ALWAYS has been about HIM… and ALWAYS shall be ONLY about HIM. His is the voice of TREASON.

He is a heartless, totally devoid of human feelings, madman… the poster boy for terrorist recruiters. He plays right into the hands of ISIS, al Qaeda, lone wolf terrorists, NRA gun nuts, autocrats, plutocrats, bigots, boneheads and other assorted, sordid miscreants and barbarians.

You see, Trump feels (if “feels” is even the operative word)… “feels” (more like worries) that if enough of his stonehearted, knuckleheaded, xenophobic, Islamophobic supporters were to become emotionally moved by the story of a selfless Muslim heroically defending America… dying in the line of duty… that this could blow even bigger holes in Donny’s entire, narrow-minded, political premise than already exist… endanger his chances of “taking out” the White House come Inauguration Day… January 20, 2017.

IF… Trump were even capable of feeling anything remotely resembling compassion… OR, at least, was intelligent… OR, if nothing else, was marginally, politically savvy… OR, at bare minimum, was capable of playacting out some, GOP orchestrated apology ploy… OR could express some of their paint by the numbers, heavily scripted, hollow sorrow… OR could muster his own too little / too late, just phone it in phony “I’m sorry”…

IF… he could halt his birdbrained crowing… remove his size 16 EEEEE foot from his mouth long enough to eat the humble pie, which we, the decent people, worldwide, have been correctly heaping upon this aristocrat’s gold plated platter…

THEN… by now, Trump would’ve honored Humayun Khan… extended his heartfelt condolences to his surviving family and friends… admitted to everyone that that Trump-one-size-fits-all type of terrorist uniform, MOST ASSUREDLY, DOES NOT fit all Muslims.

But self-centered Trump rages on and on and on. In the very acts of trying to defend his indefensible conduct, he has only served to prove how indescribably indefensible his words and deeds truly are.

As the common sense wisdom goes… when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, the first rule is to stop digging. Hmmm… one would think that such a maxim would be well known to a “successful” businessman, such as Trump.

Does he actually believe any of his inflammatory rhetoric will douse the firestorm of mounting anti-Trump public opinion? For example, Trump tweeted…

Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our “leaders” to eradicate it!

8:57 AM – 31 Jul 2016 – New Jersey, USA, United States

See what I mean? He’s still wearing his rabble-rouser ringleader costume… he is still acting(?) like a butcher tossing more red meat to his ravenous, reptilian supporters.

Worse yet, Trump has even ridiculed Khan’s own mother for not speaking at the DNC… his bristling with intolerance insinuation being what? That Muslim women are not allowed to have a voice?

Odd that he’d attempt to trump up false charges that a religion would muzzle women when he recently silenced a woman! I mean look who’s talking… and, in this case, not talking. Check out the following clip, where a Muslim woman… Rose Hamid… not even uttering one syllable… merely standing in silent protest at a campaign rally, gets promptly removed by Trump’s own security guard.

In reality, Trump was/is ostracizing Captain Khan’s mother, who is still so grief-stricken that, had she attempted to express herself publicly at last week’s DNC, in all likelihood, she would’ve never completed the very first sentence of her speech without an accompanying flood of tears.

And, little doubt, had she wound up crying, a bleating, tweeting, raging out of control Donald Trump would now be insensitively, wildly ranting and raving… railing out against her for doing so… perhaps even claiming she was faking it.