99 Word Blog (#011) Dirty Olympics Limericks

Meet the pathetic, Olympic drugged cheat,

Who is one, no clean athlete can beat,

Since playing field, is non-level,

In silver, bronze, gold he’ll* revel,

Getting ahead in life, due to deceit!

* or “she’ll”


Off in the shadows, Olympic cheats skulk,

Their juiced up muscles, boast enormous bulk,

Each could bench press ten cars,

Catapult them to Mars,

Rip limb from limb, “The Incredible Hulk”!


Compared to Olympians, physically fit,

Juiced up jocks, have no real gift or grit,

That cheats vanquish the upright,

Never makes them feel uptight,

To be sure, here, they don’t “shive” a “git”!