A Heartbreaking… Heartwarming True Story

Back in September 2006, 53-year-old Michael Stepien got robbed at gunpoint… in an alley behind a funeral home… no less. The 16-year-old mugger then fired his gun… at point blank range.

After 24 hours had passed, the victim’s emotionally devastated family had little choice but to accept the stark, clinical facts of life. It was ICU life support technology… and only that… which was keeping their loved one “alive”.

Micheal Stepien, father of two, had lived his last day on Earth.

But that wasn’t entirely true. You see… his family had come to the conclusion that there could be a more meaningful conclusion to this tragedy. Even though modern medical procedures could not save his life… perhaps… they could save somebody else’s life?

As it turned out, by donating Michael’s heart and other organs, the good Karma they earned was paid back in a most heartwarming manner… and on so many different levels.

Warning… you might want to have a box of facial tissues handy as you read on…

Within 48 hours of Stepien’s death, his heart was beating strongly within the chest of Arthur Thomas… a man who had been mere days away from dying, himself… who as a result of the Stepien family’s selflessness and generosity, still lives on productively and happily to this very day.

Now, if you think that’s the end to this story, nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently, Jeni Stepien, daughter of Michael, got married and a most unusual guest was present at this most joyous of life’s occasions… Arthur Thomas. To say there was a far deeper significance in his being there would be the understatement of the new millennium.

In a sense, the late father of the bride was also present. He not only got to attend his own daughter’s wedding but also got the opportunity to walk her down the aisle to the altar.

Jeni, could not hold back her tears. Not only did she get to feel the expected joys a woman’s wedding day engenders but also got to feel her own father’s heartbeat in Arthur’s chest… her own father’s pulse in Arthur’s wrist.

Admittedly, my attempts at describing Jeni’s heartfelt, heartstring tugging wedding day moments all pale in comparison to her own feelings…

“It truly was the best day of MY ENTIRE LIFE! To be able to bring my dad home and have him at my wedding was an absolute dream COME TRUE! Not to mention that being married to the best person that was hand picked just for me was beyond words the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am blessed beyond words to share our story!”

Let’s now watch the scenes from Jeni’s wedding day… witness how the Stepien family story ends… will go on…