No (Web) Traffic Jam Here


My screen name tacks on, common sense, to my real name, Tom,

I blog my heart out, most new days, at WordPress dot com,

But, sad to say this blogger has, a website horror story,

To figure out what’s right / what’s wrong, I now take inventory.


Huge head problems don’t exist, I don’t self-praise / bleat-bellow,

I don’t run far from bitter truth, I’ve no belly yellow,

Amidst grey matter matters, you’ll never find lime Jell-O*,

Though true blue, melancholy’s there, I’m cool cucumber mellow.


I follow WordPress blogger’s blogs, and they follow me,

I click their “Like Stars”, comment too, with honest praise, I’m free.

The friends I meet here, to be sure, all of them I treasure,

Their words, pix, drawings all are there, for my mind’s own pleasure.


But, real world obligations, constrain my time online,

Odd P-C probs compound / confound, my tech life far from fine.

“White screen of death”, my “Reader’s” shot, no data to be seen,

The man can’t live on World Wide Web, impaired by his machine.


My website woes transcend time / tech, few know just who I am,

Or, perhaps they do, and if that’s true, then they don’t give a damn.

To lame excuse contentment, is not the way I rock,

And so it’s true, long overdue, the time for real tough talk.


Our first conjectures, Occam says, can and do prove true,

To top off facts outlined above, impatience starts to brew,

After six months time, one hundred posts, in vast unknown I’m stuck,

Does lack of website traffic mean, indeed, my blogs do suck?


(*no green envy / jealousy)