How To Abort Abortion?


Preface… I encourage all who read this blog, to not jump to any hasty conclusions. The prolife vs. prochoice debate oft involves complex discussions featuring, at the very least, one unexpected twist and turn.

A few evenings ago my phone rang. I found myself talking to a Right To Life fundraiser trying to hit me up for $100. Upon informing her that, due to injuries, I hadn’t worked in eight years… that my meager savings would likely dry up long before I die… what ensued next was her obviously heavily scripted, paint by the numbers, commiseration.

I felt rather taken aback. I’d have expected something a bit less automaton-like from someone who is, after all, prolife.

So insensitive and driven was she, that she began haggling… eventually going as low as $10. Even that sawbuck was too much to ask of me and I told her so. Now, not being one who’d create a problem without offering up at least one viable solution, I recommended that she phone up / hit up wealthy Republicans.

I mean… they’re purportedly prolife, right? And think about the cost effectiveness angle… rather than taking days and weeks, perhaps, even months to dial up tens of thousands of poor people, in less than an hour she could’ve called a dozen of America’s wealthiest… and likely would’ve vastly exceeded her overall monetary goal.

Well, I guess I had struck a raw nerve… in a huff and sans nary a goodnight, she had hung up on me.

While my tale of being injured and unemployed was/is legit… my actual rationale for not contributing to her cause boils down to this…

We cannot end abortion merely by legislating abortionists out of business. Were we to criminalize the procedure, it’d result in something far worse… e.g., drive women back to the criminal, rusty wire coat hanger wielding, back alley butchers.

To truly end abortion involves decreasing the demand. We must prioritize our fundraising efforts to focus upon the following.

Counsel legal adults to stop being in denial of their libidos… encourage them to fess up / own up / grow up… develop mature mental attitudes more in synch with their physically grown up bodies.

As for minors, the school taught “abstinence only” programs are ludicrous. True, it’d be far better for kids to wait until they’re emotionally and financially stable. But it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to wait (sometimes for nearly a decade) until after high school graduation.

We must make readily available (when possible, OTC) affordable, reliable birth control. Couples must then utilize this, if you’ll excuse the wordplay, religiously. The most common male method, in particular, would go a long way towards also preventing the spread of HIV/STDs.

Since no contraceptive method (aside from abstinence) is 100%, adoption should become the wildly popular “New Plan B”. We need to do whatever it takes to cut through the legal red tape… to fast-track securing loving homes for any unwanted children… to not exclude wannabe single parents, either… be they straight or LGBT individuals.

We need to provide stringent, psychological counseling to the predators whose wretchedly wrong MO involves nonconsensual and consanguineous attacks. Institutionalize and only release them back into society when shrinks are reasonably sure their patients can behave in a civilized manner.

Minimum wage must become a living wage, inclusive of meeting all the costs of raising children from birth to age of majority. Since two income families would no longer be necessary… either the mom or dad would be free to become a stay-at-home, nurturing parent.

Were we to achieve all the above, then the only legitimate reason anyone would ever seek abortion would be to save the life of the mother. *

True, all I suggest cannot be implemented overnight and any Supreme Court reversal of Roe vs. Wade, prior to the enlightenment of our society, could wreck untold, emotional havoc and devastating economic hardship. Until the day every biological adult, both young and old, grows / wises up, abortion, regrettably, will need to remain the law of the land.

What a pity that in the forty+ years abortion has been legal, our society has failed, miserably, at concurrently attempting to implement such common sense notions.

I mean, just because abortion suppliers could do so legally did not mean we could not have tried to reduce the demand.


*08/23/16 12:36 p.m. ADDENDUM: I neglected to mention that if ultrasound and other prenatal tests indicate severe birth defects, that this, too, would be a valid reason for abortion.