99 Word Blog (#027) Un-Presidential Limericks


Madman Trump’s rants and raves will not stop,

He’s full of flip-flop, Flip-Flop, more FLIP-FLOP,

Offensive flips he doth say,

Oft are flops the same day,

His point of view’s based upon the backdrop.


Well-heeled Trump ain’t worth one damned plug nickel,

Far right views are wrong and he is fickle,

Folks who aid and abet,

Will feel buyer’s regret,

If Trump wins, we’ll lose, be in a pickle.


Trump preaches views unorthodox,

From his pulpit he socks, shocks his flocks,

Is he too hard? Too soft?

Too hot? Too cold oft?

His freaky fans must feel like Goldilocks.