99 Word Blog (#064) Would You Accept a Trump Victory?


To paraphrase 3rd Presidential Debate moderator Chris Wallace’s question…

Would you, Donald Trump, accept the voters’ wishes were Hillary Clinton victorious?

To summarize Trump’s circumlocution…


Hillary Clinton was horrified… as was I.

I’ve since asked…

Would you, CommonSenseTom, accept the voters’ wishes were Donald Trump victorious?

Yes… but…

It’d be disheartening knowing that for every TWO passersby I meet, ONE of them likely hates women, LGBTs, non-Christians, ethnic minorities, disabled people AND had permitted Trump to take the wrecking ball to all societal advances we’ve made.

I now ask…

How would you feel about Donald Trump being victorious?




99 Word Blog (#063) A Fraught with Probs Figurehead Prez


Donald Trump’s supporters typically appear unfazed about him being unpresidential, undiplomatic, uneducated, unqualified and unseasoned.

They believe presidential advisors could compensate for his deficits.

Let’s face facts. Flawed Trump would handpick flawed advisors. Since they’d likely be sycophants, too, essentially, he’d still be calling all the shots… literally.

Even if they provided sage advice, he’d never listen to anyone anyway.

Even if he would listen, what would figurehead president Donald Trump do if, e.g., during a sudden terrorist attack, all his advisors wound up MIA, incapacitated and/or dead?

At that point Donald Trump would bomb out… literally.

Bye-bye world!


More “Dirty” Limericks re Donald Trump


During Donald Trump’s hot-miked bus ride,

To Billy Bush, he did smugly confide,

How he’ll coax and coerce,

Kiss and grope… do far worse,

To his attacked female victims, worldwide.


To all women, Trump thinks he’s “God’s gift”,

To say the least, his ‘tude makes women miffed,

He forces kisses on mouth,

Violates them, down south,

And once he gets off, he casts them adrift.


To get down to the crux of the matter,

Donald Trump is a crude, smutty sătyr,

That prez wannabe jerk,

Is Not Safe For Work,

He’s risky biz for your on-the-job chatter.


Donald Trump hates all women the same,

He’ll assault, insult and body shame,

They’re to him, cuts of meat,

To abuse and maltreat,

He’s bankrupt, despite his wealth and fame.


Don Trump’s sex assaults / cussing, non-stop,

Present mega-probs for mom and pop,

That sex fiend, so uncouth,

Robs their kids of their youth,

He batters them, with his X-rated slop.


Hey Americans! Don’t sell your souls,

Moral values MUST trump, Don Trump’s goals,

DO NOT let that wretch slaughter,

Your own Mom, Wife or Daughter,

Keep that in mind… as We head for the polls.



99 Word Blog (#062) Was It For Kicks Or Kickbacks?


c1980, my father permitted a family friend, “Henry”, running for City Council, to post his campaign sign in our front yard. Subsequently, somebody destroyed it.

It’s a fair bet that somebody had been our moneygrubbing, narcissistic neighbor, “Lou”… Henry’s only competition.

Since, most assuredly, Lou didn’t shive a git about bettering our municipality, his running such a dirty campaign for such a low paying job likely meant he EITHER needed to feed his ego OR he planned to feed the ubiquitous, under the table, dirty money into his bankbook… a commonplace occurrence within small towns devoid of investigative journalists.


99 Word Blog (#061) A Joe vs. Donny Donnybrook?


Last week, VPOTUS Joe Biden… justifiably outraged about sexual predator and misogynist Donald Trump… offered up a 1-2 punch solution.

Firstly, he verbally assaulted deplorable Donny. Secondly, he backed up DEM FIGHTIN’ WORDS by fantasizing about fisticuffs, thusly…

“I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym.”

While rational folks fully realize Joe was merely speaking metaphorically, has Donny now taken the VP’s “challenge” literally? Trump responded

“I’d love that. I’d love that.”

Hmmm… just how would Secret Service bodyguards ever handle such a donnybrook since they’d be duty bound to protect both men?

Spirituality and Patriotism


Most people profess their love for God and country. We’ve seen a lot of these sentiments serve as window dressing to bogusly spruce up one particular 2016 presidential candidate’s campaign rallies (need I even name him?). That said, does everybody actually understand how deep spirituality and patriotism need to go?

To better illustrate this, either actually run this “experiment” or just imagine doing so. First write whatever symbols represent your religion on a sheet of paper. Not to worry… even atheism has its own “logo” and I truly believe folks can still feel love and behave in a spiritual manner even without a Supreme Being entering the picture. Next, draw an image of your nation’s flag.

No need to be concerned if your calligraphy and artistry are just so-so. Of primary importance here is to, first, observe the height and width of everything you’ve written and drawn and, next, view the paper edge on.

If you’ve detected spirituality and patriotism as being only paper-thin, you’ve drawn the right conclusion. Indeed, a more significant third dimension is found only within our minds and hearts.

To add such depth, one must feel respect for humanity… regardless of people’s age, nationality, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability and psychological disorder.

We must NEVER worship the almighty (paper-thin) buck… NEVER disrespect Mother Nature… NEVER accept torture, homicide, gun violence, WMD and war.

We must fully realize that, in our world of plenty, no one need ever waste away from nutritional and intellectual starvation. Once stomachs and minds are fed, all industrious individuals should be allowed to freely draw upon their innate talents, become gainfully employed, be granted unencumbered passage on the path to self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Love of God and country have never actually gone away… spirituality and patriotism have just been reduced to paper-thin, barebones symbols and imagery.

The only remaining question…

Is it too late for such a society to self-correct? Your thoughts?

Burger Flippers Get Vetted Better Than POTUS Wannabes


Throughout the primary phase of America’s presidential election year, some voters had become so blinded by Donald Trump’s “DC outsider image” they chose to overlook his severely flawed personality and grotesque ideology. Even worse were the other voters, who actually got turned on by those exact, same, deplorable shortcomings.

Consequently, America is now stuck with a xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic, pornographic, animalistic, psychotic, undiplomatic, un-presidential candidate… a raving, raging tyrant, who says he’ll ONLY accept the Election Day results if the vote tallies indicate he’s the winner.

And worse yet… some of his more militant supporters might even go on a take no prisoners rampage if he doesn’t win.

Reality Check: Donald would’ve still been in the race had Billy Bush’s Access Hollywood video not gone viral. We have the media to thank for derailing Trump’s crazy train.

As for the future, we must ensure no one, such as Trump, ever gets that close to becoming president again. That same sentiment should also apply to any other federal, state and local government office seekers.

Let’s be practical. Anytime anyone anywhere says to us, “Vote for me”, that person becomes a job applicant. We, who vote, become their prospective bosses. As such, we should vet each candidate the very same way fast-food restaurant and retail managers vet applicants.

Let’s insist that all of our political candidates submit to psychological evaluations and physical exams (inclusive of pee in the cup drug tests). Paying visits to their social media sites ISO telltale tweets, comments, blogs and photos would not be a bad idea, either. Other useful tools would include handwriting analysis, voice stress analyzers, polygraph machines and criminal background checks.

Let’s not mince words… until we implement such a stringent vetting process, we’d actually be far safer entrusting America’s nuclear launch codes to a burger flipper.


99 Word Blog (#060) Ta Thai Ta Ta Thai


Donald Trump’s un-presidential campaign has been so depressing I wound up going offline for four days. While I’ve since returned to blog about the third Clinton-Trump debate… the best I can say is…

The Good News… there’ll be no fourth debate!

The Bad News… Trump depressed me… AGAIN!

But… rather than retreating offline… AGAIN… I read Shefali’s blog titled:

“BharataNatyam – Classical Indian Dance”

…where she relates how, at an early age, her mother taught her the fancy choreography. Since Shefali, sharing a portion of her life’s story, helped cheer me up… and could help you, too… Follow This Link!

99 Word Blog (#059) Trump snorted, “Such a nasty woman.”


Donald Trump can differentiate between the political right and left, YET, cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

Since he’s still nose blind to the stench of his dead wrong misogyny he’s offensive to all enlightened women and men.

Case in point… during the third presidential debate, Trump couldn’t resist interrupting, maligning, and mischaracterizing Hillary Clinton with his totally nonsensical non sequitur…

“Such a nasty woman.”

Indisputably, Trump lied when (earlier in this debate) he claimed…

“Nobody has more respect for women than me. Nobody.”

If Donald Trump’s debating goal was to become even more reviled and unelectableMISSION ACCOMPLISHED!



99 Word Blog (#058) A Disorderly Transition of Power?


During the final 2016 Presidential Debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump… for the sake of national unity and out of respect for the orderly transition of power… would he’d graciously concede in the event Hillary Clinton emerged victorious.

Trump replied:

“I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, okay?”

While such evasiveness does arouse suspense… all worrisome… there’s no uncertainty within misogynist Trump’s “mind”.

He’d NEVER accept a woman defeating him.

Could Trump not conceding trigger rage amongst his more militant supporters… send these armed subversives on a rampage all across America?

Let’s hope not!