November Blogcast… Music With A Message


Wow… it’s so hard to believe how fast October flew on by. With the arrival of the first day of the new month, that means it’s time for another Blogcast.

I dedicate this music to all who’ve taken the time to stop by… especially to my American compatriots, who’ll soon be heading out to the polls to cast their ballots to culminate our way too long, presidential selection process. To be diplomatic, let’s just sum up what we’ve just endured as uNneRvInG and leave it at that.

And that having been said, it’s now time to ear and eyewitnesses these four jams… each one jam-packed with thought provoking messages and images.

Michael Franti & Spearhead ~ Good to Be Alive Today

Youngbloods ~ Get Together

Marvin Gaye ~ What’s Going On

Dion ~ Abraham, Martin & John

Thank you for tuning into my show. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard, click that “like button”, perhaps leave a comment and be sure to meet me back here for my next Blogcast on December 1, 2016.