1-22-17: My 2 Cents’ Worth… 2 Pennies For Your Thoughts?

Occam tells us that the simplest explanation is usually the truth.

If so, that’d mean that whenever “Tweety” is Twittering, he’s actually frittering away his precious time excessively obsessing over inconsequential crap.

But… what if these Tweets are a smokescreen… being posted by one of his surrogates… a devious stratagem expressly designed to distract the press corps from their real duties… being investigative journalists?

If so, that’d mean, within that oval shaped, corporate boardroom, some really dark, creepy, unethical and illegal crap could easily unfold unabated… and, worse yet, go totally unnoticed.


DISCLAIMER: With 7+ billion souls inhabiting our world I’d never claim to be the first person to have ever opined, proclaimed, penned, published and/or posted words along these lines.

Nevertheless, that’s My 2 cents’ Worth. Now… my Qs for you…

Do you agree? Disagree? Like? Dislike? In other words…

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

Uh… seeing how I’ve just expressed “My 2 Cents’ Worth”… in the spirit of treating readers, followers and commenters as equals, I’ve opted to update that Q thusly…

2 Pennies For Your Thoughts?