Donny Downer… Dandy?



Below, you’ll find some new lyrics to update a song dating back to the first American Revolution… Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Most of us will be able to “hear” the song playing in our minds without an assist from the above video… but if you do opt to hit the playback button, be advised that it will only cover the first four verses… obviously requiring a restart to accompany all eight.


1. Donny Downer came to town,

Fraudulent and phony,

Fills folks’ heads with racist crap,

And other acrimony!


CHORUS… Donny Downer walls it up,

‘Long the Rio Grande,

Boots out non-wasps P-D-Q,

Of this he doth demand-dee!


2. Donny Downer came to town,

For sexist swill he’s wishin’,

Sticks his nose in women’s biz,

He’ll beat them to submission.


CHORUS… Donny Downer gets keeps it up,

Donny Downer randy,

Spews forth his misogyny,

And GRABS whatever’s handy!


3. Donny Downer’s billionaires,

All squealin’, wheelin,’ dealin’,

Upward redistribute wealth,

From poor folks they are stealing!


CHORUS… Donny Downer sucks up wealth,

Donny Downer greedy,

Cronies toast, “To Donny’s health!”

Next exclaim, “Screw the needy!


4. Donny Downer came to town,

He’ll wipe out all the wise rules,

Best buds are his Wall Street pals,

To us they’re selfish fools… FOOLS!


CHORUS… Donny Downer, screws it up,

When things CRASH, no doubt… doubt,

He’ll then force poor Janes and Joes,

To bail the banksters out… OUT!


5. Donny Downer came to town,

Thinks he’s our Big Brother,

His surrogates use double-speak,

To suffocate truth, smother!


CHORUS… Donny’s claqueurs whoop it up,

Don shouts / shuts down free press,

Takes down Lady Liberty,

While peeking up her gowned dress?


6. Donny Downer came to town,

Disputes with defiance,

Climate change, he calls a hoax,

To nix established science.


CHORUS… Donny Downer, know-it-all?

Donny Downer’s swagger dagger,

Kills free speech at E-P-A,

Can’t breathe, can’t speak through gag… GRRR!


7. Donny Downer came to town,

His high horse is no pony,

Plots to take out our whole world,

And folks, that’s no baloney!


CHORUS… Donny Downer mucks it up,

Brash nuke Tweets he’ll bandy,

Deems each bad-assed mushroom cloud,

Akin to cotton candy?


8. Donny Downer’s peeps did vote,

But so did Bad Vlad Putin,

Attacked the Net, sank Hillary’s boat,

Of that there’s no disputin’!


CHORUS… Donny Downer won’t fess up,

Donny Downer cocky,

Did Vlad help him? Don neighs, “NYET!”

Yet skeptics say, “Horse Hockey!”