“I was under the influence that he was going to help us.”

This day’s blog title is in Linda Preast’s own words. Her reason for stating them? She voted for #45 and is now worried sick that his ill-conceived and mean-spirited proposed cuts in federal spending will soon flat out threaten her very survival.

You see, she suffered a stroke two years ago, uses a wheelchair and depends on Meals on Wheels to provide her sustenance… nutritional and emotional.

What #45 does not see is how his slamming the budgetary brakes on Meals On Wheels (and many other vital social programs) brutally targets the aged, ailing, disabled and disadvantaged folks… how that will harm… correction… devastate the lives of millions… many of whom could easily wind up starving to death.

White House budget director Mike Mulvaney, in saying that programs such as this one “are just not showing any results,” has shown us how he strongly and callously concurs with his heartless boss. As if they’d be on board with this program if it would, somehow, profiteer off the downtrodden? Make them sing for their supper? Perhaps bleed them dry?

So, why, exactly, is #45 wielding the budgetary axe? Just so he can amass and piss away billions of bucks to needlessly construct his $24 BILLION wall along the Mexican border, beef up the military by $54 BILLION and lavish $600 BILLION upon his likeminded, viciously avaricious, rabidly corrupt cronies (welfare for the wealthy).

It’s safe to say it’s unlikely that very few (if anyone) within his admin has ever read or heard the following words of wisdom…

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” ~ former Vice President Hubert Humphrey

Well, undoubtedly, re #45, Ms. Preast is suffering from a bad case of buyer’s remorse. Her above headlined statement is worthy of repeating…

“I was under the INFLUENCE that he was going to help us.”

Oh, btw, I think it mighty clever of her to have substituted the word “INFLUENCE” for “IMPRESSION”. Indeed, in doing so, she has succinctly described the hypnotic trance / foggy euphoria, which that 2016 GOP candidate had caused his supporters to suffer. By November’s Election Day, far, Far, FAR too many American voters (and a few Russian “voters”, too) had succumbed… had become helplessly, hopelessly addicted to #45. He was (still is) akin to a deadly, dangerous, opioid-like drug… a fiercely addictive narcotic with nasty side effects… namely, the needless suffering and premature deaths involving innocent, genuinely down on their luck, needy Americans.

Voters, not just in America but everywhere else in our world, must never fall under the wicked influence of any addictive candidate such as #45!

They must learn to say “NO” to dope and mean it when they say it!


#45’s Ill-Conceived, Ill-Willed, Ill-Timed Tightfistedness

Let’s examine #45’s America first mindset in his own words…

“I’m going to spend less money on people overseas and more money on people back home.”

Naturally, taken at face value, a plan to allocate more money, domestically, sounds like a sound idea. HOWEVER to not simultaneously help folks, abroad, is (figuratively and literally speaking) devastatingly nearsighted.

If #45 successfully convinces… correction… cons his likeminded, myopic, avarice driven, sociopathic, unconscionable, congressional cronies and, in tandem, they implement his proposed hatchet job on the federal budget… well…

Their mean-spiritedness… their downRight heartlessness would involve the hasty reversal of time-honored, common sense, altruistic U.S. foreign policy resulting in severely slashed humanitarian aid to the victims of both manmade and natural disasters all over our world.

More to the point… the United Nations is categorizing the combined “living” conditions within Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen as the worst humanitarian crisis since WW-II.

In his own words, UN Under Secretary General Stephen O’Brien told the UN Security Council that $4.4 billion is desperately needed…

“Otherwise, many people will predictably die from hunger, livelihoods will be lost and political gains that have been hard-won over the last few years will be reversed. Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. Many more will suffer and die from disease. Children stunted and out of school. Livelihoods, futures and hope will be lost.”

Folks, let’s consider the trillions of bucks being hoarded by America’s high rollers. To them, 4.4 billion bucks is akin to the pocket change you and I lose between our sofa cushions. In other words, they’d never miss it were the UN to “find” it.

Of course, for the greedy, doing “the right thing” nearly always has a wicked, political connotation… rarely a philanthropic one… and… to get back to my blog title… there IS a hidden “cost” of ill-conceived, ill-willed, ill-timed tightfistedness.

What are the hidden consequences?

Well… while #45 and his gang are sadistically getting off on all the human suffering they’re inflicting… it’s highly likely that ISIS and al Qaeda, the very terrorist organizations who they’ve been incessantly, aggressively goading and verbally attacking, will step in to do what America’s alleged leader will be flat-out refusing to do… feed the hungry.

What could happen next?

Well… it’s a certainty that, within the terrorist recruiters’ mess halls, they’ll also be serving up a second course… a verbal crash course to indoctrinate their grateful recipients. They’ll inform their trainees how tightfisted #45 would rather be throwing punches at them than extending a helping hand.

Worse yet, in the same breath, they’ll be incorrectly characterizing him as speaking for all Americans, which, of course, is far, Far, FAR from the truth. And once these recruits start believing that, all of #45’s interminable, insufferable, disingenuous boasting that he’s making America safe will be rendered meaningless… more so than it already is.

What could happen next?

Energized by #45’s hatred, terrorist cells will become more deeply entrenched… they’ll proliferate and metastasize like malignant cancer cells within our global society… and they’ll promptly lash out against the heartless, vile, evil which #45 represents. At that juncture, it’d be next to impossible for America to ever shed #45’s ugly image.

What could happen next?

#45’s trumped up contention about the terrorist threat will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. His own reprehensible rhetoric will cause an unbreakable vicious cycle of attacks / counterattacks… a no-win tragedy that needn’t have ever happened, had he demonstrated compassion towards our world’s needy.

What could happen next?

#45 and all of his big biz / big government bastards… his nasty, greedy, war profiteering, cohorts, while hunkered down in the total security of their lead lined, underground bunkers (which can double as their counting houses), will “get off” on their ill-gotten wealth while American victims will be suffering physically and fiscally amidst the rubble of hundreds of ground zeroes, nationwide… while average Jane and Joe Americans will be drowning in the hemorrhaging, splattered red blood and red ink of #45’s failed foreign policy of avariciousness and isolationism.

What could happen next?

In theory… in time… we might even be talking about the birth of a superpower terrorist nation… a united super cell comprised of all the nation-states, which #45 deprived of humanitarian aid.

What could happen next?

As much as we, who embrace the concepts of peaceful coexistence and extending a helping hand to the needy, loathe just about everything #45 stands for… well…

In #45’s own words…

“If we have nuclear weapons why can’t we use them?”


Limericks re the Muslim Ban


The True American Spirit…


True blue Americans still harbor charms,

We feel compassion for folks fleeing harms,

Our traditions so grand,

Extend our helping hand,

Welcome downtrodden with wide-open arms.


#45’s un-American “Reality Show”…


Fleeing the war ravaged lands overseas,

There’s no shortage, oppressed refugees,

Émigrés they are seekin’,

Lady Liberty’s beacon,

But her torch has been doused by a sleaze.


That full of excrement exec in Tower,

Exerts excessive executive power,

That poor excuse of a man,

Exhumed his Muslim ban,

Unrolled his unwelcome mat with a glower.


Let’s consider the top downward rot,

How wrong righties now call ev’ry shot,

With their ethics so barren,

Lack of empathy, carin’,

The U.S. is no safe harbor spot.


The Stateside freedoms the oppressed desire,

Are at death’s door and are due to expire,

Émigrés just might find,

What they’re leaving behind,

Might be like leap from fry pan into fire.


Who Put the Bug Up Tweety’s… uh… Tower?

#45 is at it again. Via his Tweeting, he’s making what appears to be a wild allegation. Sans mentioning sources or citing any corroborating evidence, he claims that during his 2016 campaign, President Barack Obama resorted to using Tricky Dicky’s Watergate tactics… for the express purpose of wiretapping Tweety’s Tower.

Hmmm… if true… to what end? Hell, none of that helped elect Hillary Clinton. I mean he does realize he’s #45, doesn’t he?

OK… let’s give Tweety the benefit of the doubt and say he’s not reporting “fake news”.

Yes, I do get it… it’s only natural for us to feel violated when we’re spied on. But what Tweety seems to have forgotten is that, in our post 9/11 world, there is no such thing as privacy anymore. The NSA, Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Patriot Act have pretty much liberated everybody of our liberty.

Hell… whenever anyone… be it you, me or #45… complains about invasion of our privacy, our objections will head-on collide with this deadpanned catchphrase…

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.”

Anyway, what’s Tweety worried about? I mean… he’s got nothing to hide, right?

Or maybe he does?

True, Obama has denied any wrongdoing in this matter, mainly because he could not legally order a wiretap. But what if zero wrongdoing was involved? Might there have been a legitimate reason for the proper authorities ordering such a wiretap? Oh… say… Tweety always fawning over Vladimir Putin?

Of course we cannot dismiss the possibility that this “bug” could even belong to Vladimir Putin, himself! Does #45 actually believe that Putin’s cyberattacking / meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections (which helped install him into the Oval Office) comes without any price tag at all?

#45 needs to realize that control freak Putin is still calling all the shots, which necessitates keeping close tabs on his puppet. Worse yet, since Tweety’s congressional cronies don’t seem to be concerned, in the least, there’s not one damned thing anyone can do to stop such Russian interference.

Ironically, while #45 is constantly obsessing about building walls around America there seems to be little talk of any plans to fortify the firewalls around U.S. cyberspace.

Of course we cannot dismiss the possibility that Tweety’s Tweets could be akin to “Wag the Dog” tactics… his feeble attempt to distract investigative journalists… prevent them from expeditiously exposing what’s really going on between Putin and #45.

Of course we cannot dismiss the possibility that #45’s Tweets are to either make him appear mentally disturbed… or he actually is so afflicted. Either way, it would provide a powerful defense whenever anyone attempts to hold Tweety accountable for his deplorable (perhaps even treasonous) conduct.

Is it too late? Is this too soon? Is this the new Amerika?

On one hand… We see the racist, sexist, unethical, avaricious, un-American, power-tripping, rightwing legislators (and the deplorables they represent) all blindly sucking up to #45… each and every last damned one of these effing fools failing miserably to fully recognize the seriousness of the (likely ongoing) Russian cyberattacks against America.

On the other hand… We the People, who still possess mental clarity and moral character, are worried sick. With our enemy’s goal being a no shots fired toppling of America, We suspect this Russian virtual warfare is far from over and will be increasing in frequency and ferocity… which begs the following questions…

  1. Will We soon be ordered to fall in line… or else… i.e. to accept Vladimir Putin as Amerika’s new President?
  2. Is not Putin already the de facto POTUS?
  3. Has he not already made a ventriloquist’s dummy and puppet out of #45?
  4. Can We not practically envision Putin high fiving his circular cubicled, compromised comrade every time #45 attempts to marginalize the judiciary, muzzle the fourth estate, gag all federal employees / appointees and oppress dissenters… mischaracterizing all of them as enemies of the state?
  5. Can We not practically see the tanks and rocket launchers rolling down Main Street U.S.A.? (btw… #45 actually had wanted to put that military might on prominent display in his Inauguration Day parade).
  6. Can We not hear the waiting in the wings, raised voices already belting out “our” new Russian national anthem?
  7. Can We not almost see the sickly looking storm clouds rolling in… serving as a backdrop to “our” new Russian flag that’s flopping in the icy, oppressive winds of change?

It’s also possible that We will soon be required to bone up on the Russian language. Towards that end… The End… and as a disservice to the once upon a time, late great America… play the video below. The English text translation should help facilitate our assimilation into Russian society… not that any true blue, freedom-loving American (such as I) would ever want to see that happen.

But WTF can ordinary citizens do to thwart a Russian overthrow of America when, in reality…

  1. We are facing down despot Putin, who has been referred to as a war criminal and butcher.
  2. We cannot expect much help, stateside, when constitutional and journalistic checks and balances are savagely under attack.
  3. When Putin might already be the Commander in Chief of Amerikan troops.
  4. When Putin may’ve even resorted to blackmail (perhaps that alleged Pee-Per-View video?) to coerce #45 into handing over the U.S. nuclear launch codes?

And so… long sigh…

Мы будем скоро обучение наши языки говорить на русском языке, который, как я подозреваю, будет гораздо проще, чем научиться держать наши языки … так, как Путин и его марионетка будет ожидать … коррекция … утончаются спрос нас! ИЛИ ИНАЧЕ! *


We’ll soon be training our tongues to speak Russian, which, I suspect, will be far easier than learning to hold our tongues… the way Putin and his puppet will expect… correction… flat out demand of us! OR ELSE!

The End?


*PLEASE NOTE: I don’t speak or write Russian. I relied on an online translation service to do the “heavy lifting”. I’ll call on any www surfer, who is fluent in this language, to correct inaccuracies, if any.

March BlogCast ~ Don’t Touch That Dial!

I swear to my Creator that there’s not a speck of narcissism involved. Just for the pure fun of it, this DJ is about to spin five tunes about DJs, radio stations, radio static, etc.

Synopsis: As our story begins Chuck Berry’s intent is to request a song… to “write a little letter” and “mail it to (his) local DJ”… followed by Bob Seger listening intently to the Heavy Music on his radio “when the big bad beat comes on.” btw, the song title below is a link to a video which features Fred Astaire dancing to Seger’s Heavy Music. A bit of a caveat, while the visual aspects are excellent, regrettably, the sound quality is poor… in DJ parlance the off center vinyl pressing created a mild case of the “wows”.

Soon after that, the Kinks supersonic rock sends us soaring up, Up and Away on our musical journey Around the Dial… however… at this juncture, there’s a bit of mystery unfolding… Ray Davies’ lyrical reportage claiming “one of our DJs is missing.”

Perhaps an alien abduction is afoot… as suggested by David Bowie’s Starman… lyrics about the late night ambient lighting set low and the listener leaning back on his radio… more to the point… “That weren’t no DJ that was hazy cosmic jive”. Oh, btw, many of you Sci-Fi aficionados will likely recognize this Bowie tune from the film soundtrack: The Martian.

Coming full circle… once again we’re back on terra firma, where the earthly static reasserts itself ala Ten Years After rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ us to wrap up this March BlogCast.


Chuck Berry ~ Roll Over Beethoven

Bob Seger ~ Heavy Music

Kinks ~ Around The Dial

David Bowie ~ Starman

Ten Years After ~ Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll You

If you’ve liked what you’ve heard, my next blogcast will be on April 1, 2017… no foolin’!


DC’s Dangerous Tangled Web of DeCeit

Electees and selectees, who hold down big government positions, must be truthful at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS! Whenever they get busted for telling flat out lies, their big boss MUST promptly bark out his trademark catchphrase, “YOU’RE FIRED!” To not do so causes the snarling, top dog to appear as guilty and corrupt as his obsequious subordinates.

Lies of omission are no better.

Often, obfuscation of the truth involves self-serving political expedience… better known as selective amnesia. Cutting through the euphemistic bullcrap, under these circumstances, what we’re actually eye witnessing are the big boss’s rat-like cronies scurrying and scampering around in CYA mode. These downright deplorables… these brazenly lying bastards are prioritizing paycheck over patriotism… career over country… and as such, MUST BE denied their cushy government positions, as well.

Other times, tiptoeing around the truth involves genuine forgetfulness. But even if such lapses of memory are not motivated by malice… even if these instances are isolated and rare… this is still reason for deep concern.

Considering how… as I type this… as you read this… tyrants (e.g. puppeteer Putin) and terrorists (e.g. ISIS / al Qaeda) are relentlessly plotting to dominate and devastate our world, we cannot afford anything less than picture perfect integrity and mental clarity from big government big shots… from the tippy top downward… all along the chain of command.

While it’s OK for forgetful people to be employed… their job descriptions had better not involve life or death decisions… where cloudy thinking could jeopardize the survival of democratic nations and freedom loving people everywhere.