Is it too late? Is this too soon? Is this the new Amerika?

On one hand… We see the racist, sexist, unethical, avaricious, un-American, power-tripping, rightwing legislators (and the deplorables they represent) all blindly sucking up to #45… each and every last damned one of these effing fools failing miserably to fully recognize the seriousness of the (likely ongoing) Russian cyberattacks against America.

On the other hand… We the People, who still possess mental clarity and moral character, are worried sick. With our enemy’s goal being a no shots fired toppling of America, We suspect this Russian virtual warfare is far from over and will be increasing in frequency and ferocity… which begs the following questions…

  1. Will We soon be ordered to fall in line… or else… i.e. to accept Vladimir Putin as Amerika’s new President?
  2. Is not Putin already the de facto POTUS?
  3. Has he not already made a ventriloquist’s dummy and puppet out of #45?
  4. Can We not practically envision Putin high fiving his circular cubicled, compromised comrade every time #45 attempts to marginalize the judiciary, muzzle the fourth estate, gag all federal employees / appointees and oppress dissenters… mischaracterizing all of them as enemies of the state?
  5. Can We not practically see the tanks and rocket launchers rolling down Main Street U.S.A.? (btw… #45 actually had wanted to put that military might on prominent display in his Inauguration Day parade).
  6. Can We not hear the waiting in the wings, raised voices already belting out “our” new Russian national anthem?
  7. Can We not almost see the sickly looking storm clouds rolling in… serving as a backdrop to “our” new Russian flag that’s flopping in the icy, oppressive winds of change?

It’s also possible that We will soon be required to bone up on the Russian language. Towards that end… The End… and as a disservice to the once upon a time, late great America… play the video below. The English text translation should help facilitate our assimilation into Russian society… not that any true blue, freedom-loving American (such as I) would ever want to see that happen.

But WTF can ordinary citizens do to thwart a Russian overthrow of America when, in reality…

  1. We are facing down despot Putin, who has been referred to as a war criminal and butcher.
  2. We cannot expect much help, stateside, when constitutional and journalistic checks and balances are savagely under attack.
  3. When Putin might already be the Commander in Chief of Amerikan troops.
  4. When Putin may’ve even resorted to blackmail (perhaps that alleged Pee-Per-View video?) to coerce #45 into handing over the U.S. nuclear launch codes?

And so… long sigh…

Мы будем скоро обучение наши языки говорить на русском языке, который, как я подозреваю, будет гораздо проще, чем научиться держать наши языки … так, как Путин и его марионетка будет ожидать … коррекция … утончаются спрос нас! ИЛИ ИНАЧЕ! *


We’ll soon be training our tongues to speak Russian, which, I suspect, will be far easier than learning to hold our tongues… the way Putin and his puppet will expect… correction… flat out demand of us! OR ELSE!

The End?


*PLEASE NOTE: I don’t speak or write Russian. I relied on an online translation service to do the “heavy lifting”. I’ll call on any www surfer, who is fluent in this language, to correct inaccuracies, if any.