Limericks re the Muslim Ban


The True American Spirit…


True blue Americans still harbor charms,

We feel compassion for folks fleeing harms,

Our traditions so grand,

Extend our helping hand,

Welcome downtrodden with wide-open arms.


#45’s un-American “Reality Show”…


Fleeing the war ravaged lands overseas,

There’s no shortage, oppressed refugees,

Émigrés they are seekin’,

Lady Liberty’s beacon,

But her torch has been doused by a sleaze.


That full of excrement exec in Tower,

Exerts excessive executive power,

That poor excuse of a man,

Exhumed his Muslim ban,

Unrolled his unwelcome mat with a glower.


Let’s consider the top downward rot,

How wrong righties now call ev’ry shot,

With their ethics so barren,

Lack of empathy, carin’,

The U.S. is no safe harbor spot.


The Stateside freedoms the oppressed desire,

Are at death’s door and are due to expire,

Émigrés just might find,

What they’re leaving behind,

Might be like leap from fry pan into fire.