Toddler Trains a Target Cashier

Ms. Brandi Benner of Clover, South Carolina recently took her two-year-old daughter, Sophia, shopping at a nearby Target store. Mom’s goal was to reward her girl for successfully completing the potty training stage in her young life. Together, they spent twenty minutes checking out all of the dolls on display.

Sophia, who already aspires to be a physician, felt an immediate bond to a female doll wearing a stethoscope and doctor’s white lab coat.

At that point, it should’ve been a simple matter of heading for the check out lane to pay, right? Well, that’s not what happened.

Check out the following conversation that took place, instead…

Cashier: “Are you sure that this is the doll you want, honey?”

Sophia: “Yes please!”

Cashier: “But she doesn’t look like you. We have plenty of dolls that look like you.”

At that point Sophia’s mother was about to chime in to end this cashier’s thinly veiled racist remarks… halt this commentary, which was (and is) totally unacceptable, uncalled for and unwelcome.

But, as it turned out, Sophia was fully capable of taking care of herself. Picking up where we left off…

Cashier: “But she doesn’t look like you. We have plenty of dolls that look like you.”

Sophia: “Yes she does. She’s a doctor — I’m a doctor! And she’s a pretty girl and I’m a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?”

For raising her daughter superbly, Ms. Benner has much to be proud of. Sophia not only is brilliant, well mannered, open-minded and loving, but also possesses a steadfast, positive self-image and displays the assertiveness of a feminist who knows she can choose whatever career path she sets her mind on.

Our world needs millions more just like Sophia!