My 2 Cents’ Worth… Does Size Really Matter?

In matters of human anatomy, generalizing about size can be fraught with conundrums. After all… as any open-minded person would concur… it is far, Far, FAR too easy to jump to conclusions… especially when it comes down to the one, particular, peculiar, political organism in question.

Scientific study oft is the best way to corroborate or debunk theoretical postulates… but these days… especially since America’s most recent Inauguration Day… charges against science have been hastily and summarily trumped up.

Indeed, it would appear that the new executive (dis)order would DICTATE that we must all mindlessly fall in line with him to agree, “Science is bad” — NOTE: no punctuation here… please read onward for further explanation and instructions.

I leave this up to you… your three choices are…

“.” – “!” – “?”

If the majority of folks fail to insert the question mark, that’d mean too many of them are mindlessly marching in lockstep with the anti-science movement. And under those strict, undereducated, 6,000-year-old flat Earth at the center of the universe conditions, it’d be high time to hang up my white lab coat and leave my following theory hanging and dangling… i.e., untested / unchallenged.

That’d mean that wild(?) speculation would force us to conclude that re that particular, peculiar political entity…

Small handedness is directly proportional to a small mind.

That’s my two cents’ worth… two pennies for your thoughts?