Heads and Hearts of Stone


For the record, I fully realize there are millions of Caucasians, residing all across America’s Deep South, who are as appalled by racism as I am. This blog is not about you and me. But do read on anyway…

If you’re like me, you feel ashamed of America every time we catch even the slightest whiff of racism. And especially during this bigoted, #45 era, what’s been wafting up out of the Deep South amounts to a fierce stench that even a zillion gallons of Febreze™ could never combat.

It’s mindboggling that, in the 21st century, we find rebels out there… way out there… who are still fighting the Civil War of the 19th century. How so? By attempting to repackage their rebelliousness… spinning it as a preservation of their “southern heritage”.

But, no matter how hard they try to giftwrap and tie a pretty little bow around it, their brand of “southern heritage” is synonymous to flat-out bigotry… equivalent to a sky-high, crawling with maggots, pile of festering, fetid fecal matter.

Before I further excavate the specifics out from under this deep dung heap, let’s take a few seconds to don our gas masks and/or Hazmat suits… I’d strongly recommend the latter. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0…

OK, everybody ready now? Let’s rev up our backhoes…

Racists have been going into apoplectic fits because many enlightened, levelheaded local governments have been ordering their Deep South communities purged of specific statuary… i.e., chiseled monuments that glorify the misfits, rebels, malcontents and combatants, who, in support of the Confederate States of America, had felt compelled to lash out against human decency.

The work crews in charge of removing these standing for stupidity, stone statues have actually found it imperative they don bulletproof vests and masks while working under the cloak of darkness… while under the protective wing of heavily armed police officers. Any independent contractors toiling away at these worksites have actually felt compelled to mask all identifying company logos on their trucks and equipment… just to avoid potential, future, retaliatory attacks.

To distill this down, what we have here are the descendants of slave owners pitted against the descendants of slaves. And, the former demographic is EITHER oblivious to the fact that their preservation of “southern heritage” smacks of racial intimidation OR said intimidation is a willful, concerted effort on their part… to make damned sure nobody ever forgets that the Civil War still rages on… that these rebels totally get off on their fond memories of brutal, deadly, full blown, chains clanging, whips cracking slavery.

So, are they calling for an immediate reinstatement of such subjugation? Only they know for sure.

Now… just for the sake of discussion… let’s classify the attitude of these rebels as an extreme case of misguided hero worship / mindlessness… not maliciousness. Might it be possible to dissuade them from their “southern heritage” preservation movement were we to ask them…

How would you feel if someone chose to preserve the memory of 9/11 within communities all across America… by erecting statues of the nineteen, 9/11 hijackers?

Would it be ill advised for any of us to hold our breath while awaiting any of them to wise up?

Probably so… considering how far, Far, FAR too many of them are afflicted with the full blown disease known as racism… it’s symptomology:

Heads and Hearts of Stone.

Hmm… all things considered… it’d appear that those stone statues really do preserve the rebels’ specific strain of bastardized, odious, old-time “southern heritage“.