Casting Couch Rapists (One Quick Limerick #032)



Film maker predators make vile demands,
Sexploitive casting call, casting couch stands,
Their own “thinking caps”,
Are just their jock straps,
Their so-called minds overruled by male glands.



A Visit From / To The Great Beyond?

Reblog Intro: This is one of the oddest, spookiest events I’ve ever experienced in my life. Happy Halloween everybody!


One spring morning, many decades ago, my Mom had handed me an edition of our local newspaper neatly folded to “frame” an obituary. She’d been wondering if the deceased had been a college buddy of mine.

The deceased’s name certainly was common enough so it could’ve been someone else… but… as I began to read, I could sense my eyes widening and jaw dropping. As surreal as this all was, the in-print particulars had left no “i” undotted; no “t” uncrossed.

Indeed, this was the same guy… we had been enrolled in the same broadcasting courses, worked together in the recording studio and eventually earned our degrees. And now… there I was reading the two paragraph final chapter to his all too short life. Short story even shorter… while my 27-year-young photographer friend was on a photo shoot assignment up in Canada, he had suffered a fatal heart attack.


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October BlogCast ~ Unhappy Un-Halloween


Before we track through this month’s musical selections, my apologies to anyone who may’ve clicked by ISO my October 1st BlogCast… to no avail.

So, how could that happen… or, more to the point… not happen? In short… circumstances beyond my control.

To flesh that out… to blame were two so-called leaders shooting off their mouths about shooting off their nuclear missiles… as well as childishly trading insults… DJT calling KJU “little rocket man” and KJU calling DJT a “dotard”.

With the all too real prospect of us (their 7+ billion hostages) EITHER winding up buried alive within the claustrophobic confines of subterranean bomb shelters OR incinerated into piles of radioactive cremains… entombed throughout eternity beneath megatonnage of ground zero rubble… I began to ask myself…

Just WTF was I doing blogging at my desk within the confines of my home? Would it not be wise to freely take in and savor Mother Nature’s splendors before it was too late… perhaps for the last time?

Working towards that end, I took a LOA from WordPress to venture forth into my lifelong, homeland and hometown… to take the time to fully appreciate all things great and small… that ranging from my upward telescopic and naked eye viewing of the vast cosmos all the way back down to earth to view an out of season, blooming daffodil. Even things as mundane as observing my breath condensing in the cold, crisp, early autumnal air, hearing the hush of the full moonlit night and savoring the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee all took on an extra-special meaning.

I knew, at the very least, were I to “survive” a nuclear holocaust within some hellhole shelter, I’d be able to playback these treasured memories within the theater of my mind. Were I to perish in the split second of that blinding nuclear flash… my recent experiences might even “flash before my eyes” prior to my either attaining eternal life or having my atoms blasted into oblivion.

Well, at least for the time being, that nuclear holocaust has been postponed. For how long? Well, that’ll be left up to those two blithering idiots. In any event, and in spite of all the uncertainty, I’ve opted to end my six week long, vanishing act from WordPress. This being the last day of the month, I still have a bit of time to squeeze in (and make amends for) that missed October BlogCast, too.

One certainty, here… Halloween’s storybook ghouls, goblins, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks and zombies… even the devil himself… do pale in comparison to those two abominable monsters… i.e., DJT and KJU.

But whatever supernatural manifestations do wind up roaming the earth this dank, dark evening, these musical selections will certainly set the proper mood.


Beautiful Gothic Music [Piano] – The Cry of the Forest

Mike Oldfield ~ Tubular Bells (Exorcist Film Theme)

Tarja Turunen ~ Oasis

Midnight Syndicate ~ Born Of The Night

If you’ve liked what you’ve heard today, I’ll meet you back here on or before Thursday, November 23, 2017 for my Thanksgiving BlogCast.

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