Properly Honoring The Troops (One Quick Limerick #039)


Charade parade the vain “president” gets,
Will waste tax dollars, add to nation’s debts,
His flawed priorities rotten,
Will further harm the forgotten,
Our jobless, homeless, disabled war vets!


In other words…

The best way to honor our military personnel would be to FIRST nix any plans for a roll-out-the-tanks type parade and NEXT divert those saved tax dollars ($50 MILLION) to fund pay raises for active servicewomen and servicemen. LASTLY… once they’re out of the service… elevate our veterans’ standard of living / ensure them a quality of life befitting the hero status they have earned. For those who wound up making the ultimate sacrifice, their surviving spouses and dependent children should also be guaranteed similar treatment.

If and when a parade eventually occurs, we must never prioritize the glorification of the tanks, rocket launchers, missiles and other WMD at the expense of these brave soldiers. They must never wind up being the so-called prez’s political props, either. Instead, this should be a heartfelt event where we prominently and respectfully present our uniformed servicewomen and servicemen… marching by in formation if they’re still able… riding by in vehicles if they’re not.


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