They Respect What?


Let’s talk about ubiquitous “Terms of Service / Privacy Policy” statements… the type, which we, the consumers / users, rarely (if ever) read “cover to cover”.

Oh btw, to address this issue, my 250 word count pales in comparison to the circumlocution normally contained within such documents.

Now… in the users’ defense… who, among us, would ever want to piss away our precious time pouring over page after page after page of meticulously crafted, in CYA mode, in fine print legalese? Why even bother when (deep down) we suspect wicked intent… when we’re virtually certain that such verbosity likely distills down to four words:

“You folks are screwed!”

Of course, is not each of our uninformed clicks onto their AGREE or ACCEPT buttons the precise reactions they are shooting for? Besides, when we do find their terms off-putting, what would be our recourse? Such venues are not courtrooms. Nope, there’ll be no fair-minded judges willing to hear out and, perhaps, even sustain our cogent objections.

Even if we were to have our day in court, these days, we are talking about corporately owned and operated judges… crusty, musty, moldering toadies. Factoring in how there’s usually very little gray matter to intervene… everything we’d have to say would simply go in one “judicial” ear and out the other.

To keep it real… if corporations really, Really, REALLY respect us / our privacy, would they not distill down their “Privacy Policy” statements? Four simple – honest – easy words should more than cover it…

“We respect your privacy!”