The Prez Who Does NOT Represent Me


America’s system of representative government means that the candidates we elect are supposed to represent our interests and concerns. At the very least, I expect all who get elected (even the ones I don’t vote for) to represent the compassion and high moral standards which define me. Those qualities are especially important if a victorious candidate winds up sitting at the Oval Office desk.

I realize that people, all over our world, do keep a watchful eye on my homeland… with many of them presuming that whatever the President says and does represents the will of Americans… the character of Americans… my will and my character.


Under the current circumstances… nothing could be further from the truth!!! The distance between Donald Trump’s interests and concerns AND my interests and concerns… is measured in light years. His compassion is fake while mine is real. As for moral standards, he takes the low road and I take the high.

Alas… ever since Inauguration Day 2017, I’ve been feeling UN-represented… abandoned and stranded… metaphorical light years distant from my homeland. I cannot help but feel cut off… all alone in our vast universe.

Oddly enough… I’m simultaneously feeling trapped within my homeland… buried alive. I desperately want to escape but… not being a man of means… realistically, there’s nowhere to run… nowhere to hide.

Of course… I’m not the one who deserves such an exile. Need I even mention who does?