Thank-You India! Thank-You Everybody!

I could not let one more day pass without thanking all of my friendly, www readers / followers, who’ve been taking precious time out of their busy lives to check out my blogs.

While you do have my undying gratitude… wherever you hail from… in this post, I’ll be shining my spotlight directly upon those who call India their homeland.

Hence, my reason for honoring you with that above video… one which features a superbly sung rendition of your emotionally moving National Anthem. btw… everyone else is welcome and invited to continue reading.

You see, throughout the 2+ years that I’ve been blogging @WordPress, it’s been your presence (at the considerable sum of 924 visits), which I’ve found stunning. This means that ONLY one other nation… my American homeland (to the tune of 2,575 hits) is… statistically speaking only… ahead of you. And even that latter figure is likely exaggerated since I’m reasonably sure that my own visits are getting included in that tally.

Even though I don’t normally obsess over cold, calculating WordPress provided data, these numbers have given me cause to pause… to reflect and expand upon them. There IS a far deeper significance here… the inestimable power of our www connected lives.

My having been born decades before the birth of the Internet, for the first 50 years of my life I would’ve never believed it possible that this injury sidelined, financially fettered American would ever be mind melding with so many people… so far away.

Perhaps younger generations might take all of this for granted? Maybe even good-naturedly chuckle over someone being so easily impressed? Nonetheless this “old geezer” is WOWED and believes, with all his heart, that my one click away, high velocity, virtual travels… to whatever destinations I choose within our vast world… have been… and shall continue to be… an extraordinary life experience… a journey I hope to continue until the day I take my last breath.

And I do want you, the good people of India… as well as anyone, anywhere else, who may’ve stuck around… to know that I also deem the information superhighway to be a two way street. I’ve been immensely enjoying my visits to your websites, where I can count on finding a robust, culturally diverse, mind melding, soul touching wealth of your inspirational prose, poetry and other works of art.

I could go on but… as I did mention at the outset of this post… your time is precious. Ergo, I now close out this post with my simple, but sincere, Thank-you India! Thank-you Everybody!