Hello… Is there anybody out there?


Greetings and welcome to my blogging home. So, what type of blogger am I?

Well… ofttimes, my prose, poetry and musical BlogCasts address society’s urgent need to establish human dignity and equality, honest even handed governance and solid environmental stewardship. If we are to survive as a species, all of these components must become integrated into our hometowns, homelands and entire home world.

Of course I’m not locked into this serious MO, exclusively. There are times I can and do blog just for the fun of it.

Either way, my writing typically features strong lead sentences so… regardless of whether you’re surfing/searching, scrolling and/or selecting from my specific menus… you’ll be able to quickly determine whether you wish to continue reading… or not.

If you happen to find my content likable, click onto those “Like” and “Follow” buttons and, if so motivated, post your comments, too. Your interaction and honest, constructive evaluation are vital. How else will I ever become a better blogger?