Mountaintop Blogging Gurus: Sagacious or Avaricious?


Perhaps my 4 websites and 12 years, to date, blogging creds don’t qualify me to comment… especially since I’m still an obscure blogger… BUT… what the hell… somebody has to call into question the motives of the so-called, robed, living in rarefied air, mountaintop, blogging gurus… i.e., those who claim fame can be well within our reach… uh… for a “nominal” fee!

Indeed, these pros don’t even bother to hide the dollar signs flashing in their eyes. Their typical sales pitch goes something like this…

If you pay them “X” amount of bucks, you will be entitled to participate in their boot camps… where they will unlock all the mysteries of the blogging universe… whisper into our ears the secrets to attaining the blogosphere stratosphere… lecture us from a slew of their “how to” manuals, which will teach us HOW TO blog… HOW TO overcome writer’s / blogger’s block… HOW TO choose appealing topics… no doubt… even HOW TO properly dust off the screens of our devices and manicure our fingernails!

If they’re providing spelling, grammar and punctuation tutorials, I suppose that could be helpful. But, what about what truly matters… e.g., creativity and passion? That comes from the head and the heart… that comes from life experiences… none of which can ever be drilled into you by any boot camp, drill sergeant / commandant.

Even if you’re not finding blogging easy, don’t give up. In the immortal words of NIKE™, “Just do it!” Blog only one paragraph…. even one sentence… hell, busy WordPress readers oft prefer brevity. Just keep on posting and maybe, someday, you’ll find your niche… maybe you won’t. There is no right or wrong here.

Bottom Line Time… succumbing to the materialistic, regimented HOW TO approach can only suck the life force from bloggers… and worse yet… suck the money from wallets, too.

Folks, instead of pissing away your hard earned bucks on some boot camp, why not invest that money on some fun, real world experience and then blog about it!

Sans any robe and mountain top perch, I’m now going to share some observations… and I won’t even charge you one penny. What makes a website popular oft defies logic. I’ve heard of people flocking, in droves, to a long ago webcam website… just to track the daily progress of a growing cornfield. As for what makes a particular blog popular? Beats the hell out of me! In my own experience I’ve even received 3 Likes for THIS BLOG… and my readers… that’s three more LIKES than on many of my other posts… many of which I’ve spent far more time on.

There is one inescapable truth. The blogosphere is so vast that it’s inevitable that millions of us… through no fault of our own… will never achieve fame and glory.

And you know what? In spite of my past posts where I’ve groused about the lack of blog response, I’ve now gotten to the point in my life where I don’t give a damn anymore! If fame happens it happens… if it doesn’t it doesn’t.