Cereal / Serial Gouging: This Oatmeal Deal Is NO Steal!


As a shrewd consumer, I can smell a raw deal a mile / kilometer away. Case in point… last week, while wheeling my grocery cart down the cereal aisle, for a fleeting moment, I was pleased to see sale signs above the Quaker™ Old Fashioned™ Oatmeal display.

However, upon taking a closer look, my joy waned and my jaw dropped.

You see… Quaker™ offers their fine product in two sizes: 18ozs / 0.51kgs and 42ozs / 1.19kgs.

This particular in-store sale only applied to the smaller containers… to the tune of 2 for $6. Purchasing two of them would’ve netted me 36ozs / 1.02kgs.

However… right below these shelves were the larger containers… at the going REGULAR price of $5.

In other words… by paying the $1.00 LESS REGULAR PRICE, I’d be netting 6 extra ounces / .17 extra kilograms.

Now, I realize that this weight deficit may seem minor… BUT… since running a household is akin to running a small business… since my oatmeal consumption is almost daily… such shortages are fiscally and calorically cumulative. Any bogus sale, if undetected, does negatively impact my own “corporate” bottom line. Even worse, I’ve discovered that this shameless grocery chain store’s management doesn’t limit their ripoffs to just cereal.

Anyhow, my seeing how the larger containers’ shelves had sold down while the smaller containers’ shelves remained full was a bit encouraging. That means most of us were not fooled!

Thinking ahead to my next grocery shopping trip, I cannot help but wonder what management’s next ploy might be. Will these cereal / serial gougers deliberately refrain from restocking the larger containers in an attempt to force shoppers to buy into their oatmeal deal that is NO steal?

Of course… from the management perspective… this is a steal. These thieves are ripping off any of their customers who are not paying enough attention. Considering how so many of us are barely making ends meet, that makes such opportunism all the more amoral and unforgivable.