Happily… No Crickets Were Harmed In This Post (Either)!


If you missed my monthly musical program titled No Crickets Were Harmed During This September BlogCast you can ACCESS IT HERE.

In that post, I spoke of a cricket who had set up residence in my cellar… and of my not wanting to harm him in any way. You see, I include myself among the various cultures spanning our globe, which regard crickets highly. True, some folks might dismiss such sentiments as superstition, however, I’d prefer to categorize these as spiritual.

However you may weigh in, in our discussion, I do have good news to report. A couple of nights ago, my above-mentioned cellar dweller came out of hiding long enough for me to use the glass jar method (outlined in my past post) to carefully capture and return him to the great outdoors. Totally unharmed, he now has rejoined his brethren… once again adds his chirps to their fall-time symphony.