“Exhuming” E-Buried Time Capsule Blogs


One reality, common to most blogging platforms, is everything gets archived chronologically. That means that, unless visitors have tons of time to browse, extensively, through a site’s archives and/or categories sections… far too often, a blogger’s favorite past posts do wind up languishing in obscurity. That’s akin to burying blogs in a time capsule.

True, WordPress does make “re-blogging” possible… but why take up the extra space?

My solution is to add a new category. I’m labeling it “A-Graded Past Posts”. Admittedly, to have thunk up such a title may suggest there’s an inflated ego in play. Even so… nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that since everything winds up in alphabetic order, too, to situate this new category’s title near the top of my list, it needed to start with an “A”.

My game plan involves perusing my two years+ “deep” archive… to locate the blogs I wish to add to my new category.

If you wind up reading this blog within minutes of my posting time, you might only find this post. But rest assured, within the next ten minutes, you will find at least one past post… and I will be adding a few more in the days and weeks to come.

My launch of this new category will not only “exhume” my favorite blogs but make them more readily accessible to you… saving you considerable time… time better spent actually reading them!

As always, I am humbled by the mere notion that… with each click of that rectangular shaped, aqua hued PUBLISH button... my outward rushing thoughts attain the speed of light to span the globe… to interact within the minds of readers who I’ve already met… and readers who I’ve yet to meet.

I appreciate and welcome you all!