Will You Be Staying After Sunday?

For the past two weekends, I’ve been featuring Sunday Songs… so let’s keep this theme going.

This time around, we’ll be giving a listen to Will You Be Staying After Sunday… recorded half a century ago by Peppermint Rainbow… a band that oft gets categorized as one of those “one hit wonders”.

Delving a bit deeper into the musical nuts and bolts… we’re talking about a feel good musical arrangement to accompany timeless, love song sentiments… where the lead female vocalist lyrically role plays… expresses her heartfelt desires for commitment from her Sunday lover… in hopes that he’ll stay long past Monday… perhaps for a lifetime?

While it’s hard to reconcile how such aural fluff could coexist against the gawd awful backdrop of political / cultural upheaval (e.g., war, assassinations, police brutality, riots, etc.), this does beg the question…

Was not an upbeat sounding song exactly what was needed back then… and now more than ever… in the here and now?

All things considered… you know things have got to be really bad when 2018 makes those of us, who were coming of age during the Sixties, still yearn for those yesteryears… in spite of all of those long ago, negative news vibes.

Yeah… I know… I know… my musical tastes may not be palatable to some of my site’s younger visitors but… on the upside… this Sunday Song tracks out at only 2:29… so, mercifully, it’ll be over before you know it!

Even if you’re still covering your ears, thumbing your nose, thumbs downing it and/or giving it a middle finger salute, you can always mute it and feast your eyes upon the YouTube videographer’s mesmerizing handiwork… right? Hell, that palatable image of fresh off the iron griddle, made from scratch pancakes… topped off with bananas, blueberries and drizzled with maple syrup… alone… just might be reason enough to stick around… right?