Pathetic PR Produces PO’d Patrons 


Incident #1: Bad Automotive Motives! Two decades ago, my car’s AC had conked out. Fortunately, one of the dealership’s mechanics, a man named Art (who could’ve been a member of an Indy 500 pit crew), quickly got me back on the sweltering, summertime road. Unfortunately, upon closer examination of my bill, I discovered I’d been charged for TWO hours of labor even though I knew fully well the mechanic had taken only half that time.

Suspecting a clerical error, I returned to have a talk with the service manager, who explained that… Art’s efficiency notwithstanding… it was customary to assess labor charges based upon the industry-set standards. This was so wrong on at least two levels.

[1] Art wasn’t idle during that hour he had saved for his boss. He promptly moved on to his next repair assignment, and that customer also got overcharged… and so on and so on. [2] The dealership’s swindle the customer policy was thumbing it’s collective nose at loyal customers. Case in point… my father, sister and I had purchased a total of five cars from them.

Even though this dealership has since changed ownership, whenever they service my car, my mind automatically flashes back to this incident. The only reason I go back there stems from my suspicion that auto repair ripoffs are also an industry standard.

Incident #2: Toxic Radio-Activity! Ten years ago, my local NPR affiliate had entered the final hour of their weeklong, fall pledge drive. Their station falling tens of thousands of bucks shy of their goal, the on air staff had promptly gone into panic mode… their fundraising tactics devolving into tackiness and offensiveness. They were practically equating non-contributers to lowlife deadbeats. True, nobody had actually uttered that D-word, BUT, their implication hadn’t even needed their transmitter to be heard loud and clear.

What they had failed to realize was how they were begging for money against the backdrop of 2008’s global, financial meltdown… while many of us were prIoritizing our own bottom lines over a public radio station’s. Since they had implied I was unwelcome… well… for the longest time… their guilt trip had caused me to totally stop listening to them.

Another thing they had failed to consider was how economic woes oft, eventually, go away. And then what? Would the listeners they had told to get lost even be around to hear their future pledge drive appeals? One wonders, too, whether or not the folks they had intimidated into contributing were even able to make good on their pledges?

Incident #3: WordPress Peer Pressure! Recently, a fellow blogger began bombarding his followers’ Readers with his posts offering his FOR A FEE, Mr. Know-It-All / Mr. Fixit services. His claims were that [1] once we ponied up, we’d soon attract multiple thousands of adoring followers and attain the blogosphere straosphere AND [2] sans his help, we’d remain clueless flounderers. Folks… NOBODY… and I mean NOBODY… not even a masochist… ever wants to be demeaned in that way… especially on a daily basis.

To sum up these three incidents… savvy businesspersons ISO $$$ understand that [1] they (literally) cannot afford to offend either actual or potential consumers… [2] people never take kindly to shoddy treatment… [3] pissed off people have long memories… and oft take to the www / log in to social media sites… to vent their grievances… as my post amply demonstrates.


Honoring Thy / My Father


As of this posting day, it’s been 30 long years since my father and I last conversed… since I had wished him good luck just prior to his gurney ride into the “theatre”, where his surgeon would soon discover his efforts were too little / too late. Indeed, the colon cancer, which he had already suspected, had gone on a metastatic rampage.

Dad, having been in fearful denial of the seriousness of his health problems, had left the pre-surgery Advanced Directives page blank. This meant, by default, his doctor was obligated to save his patient’s life at all costs… even when the chances for recovery were hopelessly grim. And, indeed, it had been the good doctor’s operating room heroics, ALONE, which had prevented Dad from dying right there on the table.

Further complicating matters were my father’s lifelong obesity and addiction to cigarettes, cigars and pipe… all of which had rendered him ventilator dependent.

Although I had not eye-witnessed that harrowing, life or death, O.R. scene, personally, I have little doubt every dramatized TV hospital show I had ever viewed would’ve paled in comparison.

And so, by default, my Dad’s fate was now left up his wife. Of course, since my Dad had been “programmed” in an era where misogynist society had ignorantly regarded wives subservient… he had always been the decision maker in their marriage. Ergo, my Mom had been ill-prepared to make any decisions at all. As for life or death decisions? Forget it!

More significantly, the love in her heart would not permit her to see the futility of her fighting for her husband’s life. Admittedly, the love in my heart would not allow me to see the light / let Dad go into the light, either.

True, his doctor did frequently talk to me… restate his plea for compassion… point out how inhumane these hospital heroics actually were. Admittedly, I did experience fleeting moments where I could view this dispassionately… concur that… to quote the good Doc’s increasingly exasperated words… “We should stop beating on a dead horse!” On some level, I did understand how the inability and unwillingness to “pull the plug” was only causing my father pointless, endless suffering… and more pragmatically… how our indecisiveness was tying up medical personnel, supplies and equipment that patients, who did have a far better chance for survival, so desperately needed.

For the next six weeks, only ICU heroics continued to keep my Dad alive. Amazingly, he did rally… oh, so briefly got off that ventilator, which finally allowed him to speak. However… his utterances had been reduced to mere, unintelligible yammering… the only things sounding even remotely human being his yawns and snoring. A hell of a fate for a learned man who had earned multiple college degrees and had spoken so eloquently.

I suppose you could say, in a sense, my Dad’s actual place and time of death had been on that operating room table, on this very day, Tuesday, September 20, 1988… approximately 9 a.m.

Returning to the here and now… and at the risk of sounding too preachy… the moral to this story is that we must always do our very best to take care of ourselves… concede that, in spite of our best efforts, our bodies will, inevitably, fail us. Ergo, we must accept our mortality. To that end, it’s imperative that we always clearly communicate our realistic, advanced directives to the medical professionals we encounter in our lives.

What better way to show our love for our families than sparing them the needless angst of deciding our fates for us.



Oh Well…Tomorrow Is Another Day?


Our resoluteness, notwithstanding, we cannot always get what we want in life. BELIEVE ME, I’m speaking from personal experiences… memories of two score and four years’ worth of my own disappointments.

Under such circumstances, our options are to EITHER be big boys / girls / persons… take it all in stride and move on… OR get all whiny, throw undignified tantrums and angrily explore and execute a sundry of rampaging, retaliatory MOs.

Yes, it is tough to discover that the powers-that-be can and do fail to always recognize our talents / concur with our own high opinions of ourselves. Yes, it can involve a lot of heartbreak to accept such defeat. But, if we cannot be gracious about sucking it up… as it were… well… maybe… just maybe… we’ve unwittingly revealed an unattractive, undesirable character flaw? One, which whoever rejected us may’ve even sensed?

In other words… our being resolute can both work for and against us. Even a Thesaurus offers up synonyms for both contingencies…

“Brave / Stalwart / Spirited vs. Inflexible / Intransigent / Implacable”

Case in point is the Inflexible / Intransigent / Implacable fake prez Donald J. Trump and his like-minded, Mini-Me minion Brett Kavanaugh. Can’t all thinking persons sense the negative flip side of that resolute “coin”? Detect their unattractive, undesirable character flaws?

Seeing how it’s a foregone conclusion that these little boys never have / never will graciously accept defeat… that, were this to happen, they’d get all whiny, throw tantrums… and explore and execute a sundry of rampaging, retaliatory MOs… well… this does raise yet another, worrisome issue…

Since nobody could ever, possibly, be so Inflexible / Intransigent / Implacable UNLESS they’re also harboring ulterior motives… we must suspect their secret agendas could involve irreparably harming civilization.

As to what, exactly, they may be plotting? Since the possibilities are endless, tomorrow just might not be another day. The End could be a lot closer than we think.

The End



The ReVictimization of Ms. Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford alleges that three+ decades ago (as teenagers), [1] Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her, [2] he could’ve accidentally suffocated her to death, [3] his male friend aided and abetted his savage assault AND [4] she had narrowly escaped owing only to her assailants’ drunkenness, her quick thinking, strong survival instinct and a timely assist from Lady Luck… read her full story here.

Both Brett Kavanaugh and his friend have denied her accusations.

A prime example of the classic she said / he said stalemate. However, based upon Ford’s account of this incident, this psychological profile emerges…

Ford was victimized by disgusting, sadistic males, who wrongfully believe it their birthright to deliberately dehumanize, disrespect and dominate womankind.

In a less politically fractured, more humane era, one could’ve expected Ford’s credible allegations to even motivate a predominately Republican Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC)… indeed, the entire U.S. Senate… to [1] set aside their partisanship, [2] indefinitely halt Kavanaugh’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court AND [3] approve Ford’s most recent request for a rigorous, external, impartial investigation PRIOR to her appearing to testify.

While it’s true that these SJC righties have been, OUTWARDLY, attempting to “make nice” with Ford, make no mistake, ONLY election year, political expediency is motivating them. Yep, they can dig how liberal voter backlash is brewing… enough to boot their archconservative asses out of DC.

Additionally, I’d hardly call it nice of these Republicans to [1] flat-out deny this woman’s reasonable request for an independent investigation, [2] only permit Kavanaugh and Ford to testify (which can only end up in yet another she said / he said stalemate) AND [3] continue to courteously offer a Supreme Court chair to someone who, in the minds of all ethical people, will forever remain a suspected rapist. However, based upon these Republicans’ words and deeds, this psychological profile emerges…

Ford is being victimized by disgusting, sadistic males, who wrongfully believe it their birthright to deliberately dehumanize, disrespect and dominate womankind.

In a less politically fractured, more humane era, one would think Ford’s credible charges would result in a virtually unanimous, supportive, public outcry on her behalf!

But, instead, we now witness Trump’s roused rabble venting their mindless, pointless outrage by targeting Ms. Ford with their vicious harassment and death threats. However, based upon Donny’s deplorables’ words and deeds, this psychological profile emerges…

Ford is being victimized by disgusting, sadistic males, who wrongfully believe it their birthright to deliberately dehumanize, disrespect and dominate womankind.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the repetitiveness within those above, three, indented paragraphs. What better way to point out how the attack, which Ms. Ford alleges… even now… 3+ decades later… is still being aided and abetted by the same rapist mentality of her (alleged) original assailants.


Will Kavanaugh’s Duds Be Judical Black or Prison Orange?

Palo Alto University Professor Christine Blasey Ford, most assuredly, does not share Donald Trump’s high opinion regarding his U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Ford said…

“Brett Kavanaugh physically and sexually assaulted me during high school in the early 1980’s. He conducted these acts with the assistance of Mark Judge. Both were one to two years older than me and students at a local private school. The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others.

Kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom as I was headed for a bathroom up a short stair well from the living room. They locked the door and played loud music precluding any successful attempt to yell for help. Kavanaugh was on top of me while laughing with Judge, who periodically jumped onto Kavanaugh. They both laughed as Kavanaugh tried to disrobe me in their highly inebriated state. With Kavanaugh’s hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me.

From across the room a very drunken Judge said mixed words to Kavanaugh ranging from ‘go for it’ to ‘stop.’ At one point when Judge jumped onto the bed the weight on me was substantial. The pile toppled, and the two scrapped with each other. After a few attempts to get away, I was able to take this opportune moment to get up and run across to a hallway bathroom. I locked the bathroom door behind me. Both loudly stumbled down the stair well at which point other persons at the house were talking with them. I exited the bathroom, ran outside of the house and went home.”

Kavanaugh said…

“I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time.”

Judge said…

“It never happened. I never saw anything like what was described. It is not who he is.”

SIDEBAR: Rather than my repeatedly typing in the words alleged and allegedly, as you read onward, keep in mind that my commentary and characterizations are still unproven conjecture. That duly noted, let’s deconstruct those above three block-quoted passages in reverse order. 

Judge’s words, if uttered under oath in a courtroom, could be deemed perjury. His all too predictable “loyalty” to Kavanaugh could also be categorized as self-serving.  After all, to implicate his buddy, Brett, would be to implicate himself.

Kavanaugh’s all too predictable self-defense is that of a misogynist who’d say / do anything to sate his lust for power… to have his way with / force himself upon an entire nation… especially upon the entire female demographic of said nation.

Ford’s fully detailed, alarmingly chilling account is totally credible. She has finally managed to drown out those long ago decibels of excessively loud music and pry free that suffocating, grubby paw blocking her nose and covering her mouth. Her muffled screams and cries for help have now spanned the decades.

While nobody came to Ford’s rescue back then, it would not be too late for the Judiciary Committee’s Republican Senators to find their hearts… to gain some sense of the traumatic experience her attackers forced her to endure… to hear her cries for help. If these righties have even one shred of decency they’d vote along with the Democrats to, unanimously, deny Brett Kavanaugh that ninth seat on the Supreme Court bench.

As for Trump and his ilk, Election Day 2018 will be the pivotal moment. They do realize that defending Kavanaugh too strongly could easily infuriate voters to the point where Republicans will wind up losing control of both the U.S. House and Senate… thereby leaving Donny totally vulnerable to impeachment and removal from office. My recommendation to the entire American electorate is that we make damned sure that we make both of those Republican nightmares come true!

Their fears have been the ONLY thing, which has prevented the (similarly accused of sexual assault) sitting, ersatz prez AND the horde of his rapist sympathizing, congressional cronies from brutally, sadistically re-victimizing Ms. Ford.

Of course, my above observations are merely educated guesses, which, at this early juncture, do not count… and must not count! Why not?

Because here in America, we believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that a court of law… NOT the blogosphere… is the proper venue for establishing guilt.

Due process must run its course. FBI investigators need to do their thing. If they find Ford’s claims credible, then Kavanaugh should pose for mugshots, be fingerprinted and go to trial where a jury of his peers can hear the testimony, weigh the evidence during deliberations and then either acquit or convict him. If they deliver the guilty verdict… then he must do the time for committing the crime.

One would expect attorney Kavanaugh, presently a U.S. Circuit Court Judge, to respect / be an avid advocate of due process, right?

Of course, if he has one shred of decency left in him, he would offer his sincere apology to Ford AND avoid a trial / re-victimizing her by confessing.

Well, from this point onward, as we turn our attention to all things Trumpian, there’ll be no further need for the word alleged.

In spite of the fake prez’s totally out of character subdued public utterances, yesterday, it is reasonable to suspect that, privately, deep within the bowels of the Trumpian Universe, the whiny, childishly impatient, impetuous “prez” and his like-minded Senators are all infuriated because the Democrats have temporarily succeeded in delaying their concerted efforts to railroad their boy, Brett, through the confirmation process… get him seated before the 1st Monday in October when the eight other SCOTUS judges return from their summer recess.

Of course, these righties have no one else but themselves to blame for having taught Democrats delaying tactics. Have they already forgotten how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had marginalized both President Barack Obama and his SCOTUS judge nominee, Merrick Garland… forgotten how that resulted in the Supreme Court being minus one judge for over 400 days?

Anyhow, since America could survive that vacancy for over one year, we can certainly survive another one. All of us thinking adults would be willing to wait for as long as it may take to determine, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether Brett Kavanaugh should don a Supreme Court black robe or jump into a prison orange jumpsuit.







A Pathogenic Dealey Plaza?


Following the (alleged), lengthy, outward-bound trail of “bread crumbs” extending from the White House to two specific boudoirs, we now know how sufficient funds proved insufficient in silencing a porn star and a Playboy bunny… i.e., could not prevent them from exposing the X-rated (alleged) prez’s (alleged) extramarital hook-ups.

1. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… one wonders how a self-proclaimed “stable genius” could ever be caught in flagrante delicto. One would think that, at the very least, he’d be aware of the fact that…

Money Can’t Buy Him Either Love or Silence!

How ironic it is, indeed, how he cannot even properly assess who’s to blame. Hell, all he would ever need to do is gaze adoringly into the nearest mirror. Now, that’s not asking too much from a narcissist… is it? Well… apparently it is.

Instead, we find that his persecution complex, paranoia and arrested development are all acting like a harmful drug interaction… i.e., one that drives him to bogusly brand finger-pointing Democrats and liberals as mudslinging disseminators of “fake news”.

At the risk of over-generalizing… must anyone remind the (alleged) prez that sex industry workers tend to be liberally minded? Such a ‘tude could certainly prove an asset for anyone who bares it all and/or boinks for bucks. Additionally, many of these folks feel the “allure” of porn wages, which far exceed the non-living, minimum wage jobs, which billionaire conservatives purportedly “create”. As such, a nude model / porn star could neither feel any loyalty to the big bucker Donny… nor could he ever expect them to cozy up to the glaring hypocrisy of his publicly, pretending to be a Bible thumper while privately fornicating.

Hmm… to help him atone, perhaps, future mistresses could spank / thump Trump’s rump with a Bible? Uh… BAD IDEA! The Secret Service would first freak out… next categorize that as an assault… and finally rush in to (hopefully secretly) offer up their protection.

2. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… one wonders how a self-proclaimed germ-o-phobe could ever overcome his fears long enought to engage in risky, condom-less conduct? BTW, the porn star did claim they had barebacked it! Imagine that… even against the backdrop of an antibiotic / antiviral drug resistant, STD raging pandemic… one that’s inclusive of potentially fatal HIV/AIDS! And, most assuredly, when considering the tenacity and adaptability of most microbes, usage of words, such as FATAL, would not be unwarranted.

3. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… this means he has not only had sex with two women but with every last, damned one of their sex partners… and with every partner those partners have had sex with… and on and on and on.

4. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… how can any medical professional ever claim (with any certainty) that nasty microbes… maybe even some that have yet to be discovered… have not been rotting away his body and (alleged) brain? Indeed, might his reckless, erotic private behavior account for much of his wildly erratic, public behavior?

5. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… what would stop an enemy from using that against him. What if that were to go beyond that (alleged) made-in-Russia pee-pee tape, which Vladimir Putin is (allegedly) using as blackmail? Bad enough… BUT… here’s where the (alleged) prez’s (alleged) promiscuity gets even dicier.

What if, someday, an ISIS type foe were to hire some bioethics barren, recombinant DNA geneticist… ask him/her to tinker with the adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C) bases… and in the process… cook up a totally new sexually transmitted disease? Let’s say that resultant microbe is fine-tune engineered to be female gender-friendly. Fleshing that diabolical scenario out further, each infected woman would become a totally unharmed carrier fully capable of spreading the disease to each of her totally vulnerable male partners… men who’d, eventually, succumb? Perhaps that pathogen should be named the BlackWidowSpider-18? Or to be more scientifically accurate call it the LatrodectusMactans-18?

6. If the fake prez’s sexploits are, indeed, true… one would hope that his Secret Service protectors are cognizant of the fact that any of his drop-dead-gorgeous women, in actuality, could be in possession of a deeply concealed (as in… invisible to the naked eye), drop-dead caliber weapon. In other words, the fake prez, while tooling down each partner’s “private road”… as it were… could be driving down the pathogenic equivalent of JFK’s 11/22/1963 motorcade drive through Dealey Plaza.

One would expect Secret Service training to be inclusive of such futuristic plots… i.e., so they’d know their protection should be inclusive of confronting and confining a suspected bio-assassin before she had even undone one blouse button… or if things had already gotten down and dirty… to… at the very least… rush in… just in the nick of time… to offer (latex) protection to the prez!

Yeah… I know… I know… I know…

This blog’s already icky subject matter has just gotten even ickier. But… as we all should know… both a Blogger’s and a Secret Service agent’s job can get dirty… but damn it… someone has to do it!



Happily… No Crickets Were Harmed In This Post (Either)!


If you missed my monthly musical program titled No Crickets Were Harmed During This September BlogCast you can ACCESS IT HERE.

In that post, I spoke of a cricket who had set up residence in my cellar… and of my not wanting to harm him in any way. You see, I include myself among the various cultures spanning our globe, which regard crickets highly. True, some folks might dismiss such sentiments as superstition, however, I’d prefer to categorize these as spiritual.

However you may weigh in, in our discussion, I do have good news to report. A couple of nights ago, my above-mentioned cellar dweller came out of hiding long enough for me to use the glass jar method (outlined in my past post) to carefully capture and return him to the great outdoors. Totally unharmed, he now has rejoined his brethren… once again adds his chirps to their fall-time symphony.