That Sunday, That Summer (That Sunday Songs Series)

We’ve now reached Week #6 of our Sunday Songs Series… this week’s installment featuring the Cole family… both dad Nat and daughter Natalie. Considering mega-talent such as theirs, it became an impossible task to choose between their jazzy, soulful, interpretations of That Sunday, That Summer.

That’s why I’m leaving That Sunday Decision up to you by presenting both versions of this song (composed by Joe Sherman and lyricized by George David Weiss).

With 2018’s September equinox now being one month old… with summer in the northern hemisphere merely a fond memory… a longed for arrival within the southern hemisphere… the time is now ripe for a song story-line, where the lover warmly reminisces about a day-we-met, summer romance… one which has lasted well into the autumn of life.

Although not a Sunday Song, this blog would be Unforgivably incomplete sans inclusion of this decades apart, high tech, family reunion… sans this Incredible, Unforgettable Dad / Daughter Duet…

This Sunday Songs Series will continue. I’ll meet you back here in seven days.

Till then… have a great week.