Sunday For Tea… The Ongoing Sunday Songs Series

We’ve now reached Week #7 of our Sunday Songs Series… this installment featuring the performance of Sunday For Tea by the Sixties Era, British pop duo, Peter and Gordon… a.k.a. Peter Asher and Gordon Waller.

This blog topping clip features the adeptly edited montage from the espionage / adventure themed TV program The Avengers. BTW, back in 1965, the American Broadcast Company / ABC network had made this the very first British TV series to ever be aired in prime time… and I counted my much younger self within that vast audience.

Considering that Sixties era… how Ian Fleming’s fictional, James Bond espionage novels and the big screen adaptations were all the rage, it had only been inevitable that the small screen producers would also capitalize… even improve on the genre.

And The Avengers’ feminist pioneer / actress Diana Rigg certainly had taken charge in her portrayal of the won’t-take-any-crap-from-anyone, Emma Peel… Peel the certified genius, chemistry / science specialist… the master of martial arts and formidable fencer… the heroine fully capable of rescuing her male spy partner, John Steed (portrayed by Patrick Macnee), whenever his life was imperiled.

Of course, Peel and Steed never limited themselves to be contentedly sipping tea… there also was the expertly uncorked celebratory champagne for a job well done.

Considering how this Sunday Songs Series is far from done. I’ll meet you back here in seven days.

Till then… have a great week.