A Sunday Kind Of Love (Sunday Songs Series)

Welcome to Week #8 of our Sunday Songs Series. On this occasion, we’ll be giving a listen to musical legend Ms. Etta James’ performance of the Barbara Belle / Anita Leonard / Stan Rhodes / Louis Prima composition… A Sunday Kind Of Love.

As the song history goes… this day’s blog falls one week shy of the Claude Thornhill Orchestra 11/11/1946 original recording date. Released in 1947, it was destined to become the signature song of that big band’s vocalist, Ms. Fran Warren.

As the lyrical story goes… the composers’ premise / promise is that once couples soar up to a Sunday level of love, their lives will naturally segue into At Last, “till death do us part” magnitude, magnificent relationships.

I’d wholeheartedly offer up my “amen” to those lovely sentiments!

And since there’s usually not much else to add after an “amen”, I’ll take that as my cue to end this post… well… save to say… I’ll meet you back here in seven days for one more venture into our Sunday Song Series.

BTW… for anyone who has missed our past, Sunday journeys… or would like to revisit any of our former musical destinations… they are all conveniently archived within my music category.