Was it Divine Intervention? (Part 1)

On this snowy Friday, November 9th, I’ve paused to consider / revisit the events of another snowy Friday, November 9th… way back in 1973… the day I could’ve easily become an auto accident fatality. I’m reposting to remind myself… remind us all… to live each day to its fullest… to tell our loved ones that we love them. After all… one never knows when something as mundane and seemingly innocuous as the morning commute could (and oft does) prove otherwise…


It all began on a Friday. I was in the thick of 8:45 a.m., rush-hour traffic… en route to my Community College. The light falling snow was just beginning to taper off. Still harboring my “I’m invincible” delusion of youth… I asked myself, “Eh… how dangerous could a couple of inches be?”

Well… I was paying way too much attention to the rock music blasting out of my car radio speakers and far too little attention to my speedometer. Little did I realize… road conditions were deteriorating with each passing minute and mile.

But I sure did notice after I had crossed over the US-23 overpass. A thin layer of ice had turned that short stretch of highway into a skating rink. I started to fishtail… then overcorrected.

As a nineteen-year-old, with virtually no hands on winter driving experience to draw on, and with there being insufficient time to mentally…

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