Michelle Edmisten Fights For Religious Illiteracy

From time to time web surfers will access my past posts… each of those visits then automatically registering in my weekly stats reports. Ofttimes, this prompts me to go back to reread them, too. In this particular instance, I became aware of how both original videos had been yanked by their YouTube posters. Since my goal is to always present as much valuable info as possible, I took the time to find replacements… and upon doing so… also realized that my blog’s message of religious tolerance is as relevant now as it ever was… hence my reblogging on this day.


During my high school senior year, my History instructor, Mr. S, would expand his lesson plans, each Friday, to include history in the making. He didn’t merely lecture us about current events… he actually inspired the entire class to participate in lively discussions.

One Friday, the situation got a whole lot livelier than expected.

While discussing our State Board of Education’s plan to utilize cross-district busing to racially integrate Michigan’s public schools, Mr. S asked if any of us could think of better alternatives, which would achieve the same, beneficial results.

I raised my hand and said…

“We’d never need to bus anyone if we could racially integrate our neighborhoods.”

In a split second, one of my classmates, “Greg”, in a near apoplectic fit, leaped out of his chair to bellow at the top of his lungs, “NO!”

Only gravity had prevented him from hitting the ceiling. Only the vacuum…

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