A Quick Question re a Higher Priority?


Here in my homeland, we voted this past November 6th. Here in my home state, 2,346,713 Michiganders (56%) approved a ballot proposal to legalize the recreational usage of Marijuana for 21+ aged adults.

While it is not my intent to disparage those ISO a relatively harmless, occasional buzz (so long as they’re not stoned while driving, piloting jets, operating nuclear reactors, wielding scalpels, etc.) the stark reality is that our political higher authorities know that their nefarious machinations stand a far better chance of flying under the radar when nearly everyone else is chronically flying high.

Ergo, the following question does come to mind…

Instead of pharmacuetically, habitually getting wasted within a rightwing politician endorsed, societal wasteland… instead of running away from said society… is it not our higher priority to really give a damn… to stay sufficiently sober and engaged… to defy those evil political entities… to work towards creating a nondiscriminatory, emotionally fulfilling, financially rewarding, relatively free of sorrow, stress and strife society that everyone would be running towards?

While… by and large… my question is rhetorical, your comments… if any… are still welcome.