Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning (Sunday Songs Series Wk #10)

Welcome to another of our Sunday Songs get-togethers. This week, the Maroon 5 composition, Sunday Morning, lyrically relates the soap opera-esque tale of a rain-stormy, weekend winding down… of the bittersweet encounter where the living / loving for the moment couple, at first glance, seems destined to eternal togetherness… yet… upon doing our double take, we soon discover that modern life. harsh realities are about to catch up with them… split them up… hence the impassioned pleas that the road which looms ahead will someday… somehow… double back so they can eventually meet again.

And speaking of future meetings… the musical road we’ve been on can double back right here… seven days from now (or at any other time that’s convenient to you). Be sure to return for installment #11 of our Sunday Song Series.

From the Oh BTW Dept… while auditioning YouTube clips, I discovered that so many videographers and/or performers had turned in primo work that, in addition to the above clip I’ve opted to include the following links to 5 more Sunday Morning Bonus Tracks…

Maroon 5 Live on Letterman
Maroon 5 + Awesome Scenes
Rooftop Duet Cover by Sam’s Piano
Bassa Nova Cover by Bubble Dia
Jazz Cover by Jess Wy 雷婉妍

An Additional Oh BTW… for anyone who has missed our past, Sunday journeys… or would like to revisit any of our former musical destinations… they are all conveniently archived within my music category.