A Fleeting Meeting ~ Sunday Songs Series

Welcome to Week #9 of our Sunday Songs Series. During this musical adventure, we’ll be giving a listen to the mega-talented, legendary Ms. Laura Nyro and Ms. Patti Labelle. On 11/17/1971 this dynamic duo released a cover songs, studio LP, Gonna Take a Miracle… that disc’s lead track being I Met Him on a Sunday… composed by Doris Jackson, Addie Harris McPherson, Beverly Lee and Shirley Alston Reeves… collectively known as The Shirelles).

In short, Labelle and Nyro’s doo-wop / pop, mostly acappella, delivered narrative features a fleeting whirlwind romance… the fate of a lover, who fails to show up one particularly important Friday.

Of course, unlike that undependable Romeo, you can count on me to meet you back here in seven days for yet another installment of our Sunday Song Series.


BTW… for anyone who has missed our past, Sunday journeys… or would like to revisit any of our former musical destinations… they are all conveniently archived within my music category.



How To Spell T-Y-R-A-N-T (1 Quick Limerick #065)


He lusts for parades which roll out warfare’s might,
He meets / beats the press with tirades and fierce fight,
He yanks reporter’s credentials,
He can’t grasp voting essentials,
He heils the alt-right and spurns all oversight.


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Michelle Edmisten Fights For Religious Illiteracy

From time to time web surfers will access my past posts… each of those visits then automatically registering in my weekly stats reports. Ofttimes, this prompts me to go back to reread them, too. In this particular instance, I became aware of how both original videos had been yanked by their YouTube posters. Since my goal is to always present as much valuable info as possible, I took the time to find replacements… and upon doing so… also realized that my blog’s message of religious tolerance is as relevant now as it ever was… hence my reblogging on this day.


During my high school senior year, my History instructor, Mr. S, would expand his lesson plans, each Friday, to include history in the making. He didn’t merely lecture us about current events… he actually inspired the entire class to participate in lively discussions.

One Friday, the situation got a whole lot livelier than expected.

While discussing our State Board of Education’s plan to utilize cross-district busing to racially integrate Michigan’s public schools, Mr. S asked if any of us could think of better alternatives, which would achieve the same, beneficial results.

I raised my hand and said…

“We’d never need to bus anyone if we could racially integrate our neighborhoods.”

In a split second, one of my classmates, “Greg”, in a near apoplectic fit, leaped out of his chair to bellow at the top of his lungs, “NO!”

Only gravity had prevented him from hitting the ceiling. Only the vacuum…

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Was it Divine Intervention? (Part 1)

On this snowy Friday, November 9th, I’ve paused to consider / revisit the events of another snowy Friday, November 9th… way back in 1973… the day I could’ve easily become an auto accident fatality. I’m reposting to remind myself… remind us all… to live each day to its fullest… to tell our loved ones that we love them. After all… one never knows when something as mundane and seemingly innocuous as the morning commute could (and oft does) prove otherwise…


It all began on a Friday. I was in the thick of 8:45 a.m., rush-hour traffic… en route to my Community College. The light falling snow was just beginning to taper off. Still harboring my “I’m invincible” delusion of youth… I asked myself, “Eh… how dangerous could a couple of inches be?”

Well… I was paying way too much attention to the rock music blasting out of my car radio speakers and far too little attention to my speedometer. Little did I realize… road conditions were deteriorating with each passing minute and mile.

But I sure did notice after I had crossed over the US-23 overpass. A thin layer of ice had turned that short stretch of highway into a skating rink. I started to fishtail… then overcorrected.

As a nineteen-year-old, with virtually no hands on winter driving experience to draw on, and with there being insufficient time to mentally…

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What kind of man is this?


There’s not much that most honorable folks could ever say in favor of U.S. Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions… who Donald Trump promptly fired yesterday.

Indeed, the now X-AG’s one and only saving grace is that he had been lawyerly enough and had harbored just enough ethical values to promptly recuse himself in the matter of Russian meddling and possible Trumpian collusion during America’s 2016 elections.

There was little else Sessions could do considering how [1] he had so closely participated in Trump’s rise to power and [2] Trump had so handsomely rewarded him with that powerful, prestigious, AG gig.

Let’s review the text to that above clip… i.e., what Trump said during that August ’18 FOX interview…

“He [Sessions] took the job and then he said, ‘I’m going to recuse myself.’ I said, ‘What kind of a man is this?’ And by the way, he was on the campaign. You know, the only reason I gave him the job, because I felt loyalty. He was an original supporter.'”

For the edification of Trump… here are three basic truths in this matter. [1] Sessions had been obligated to recuse himself, [2] an AG is NEVER beholden to the prez who appointed him and (more to the point) [3] an AG’s job description is not now… NOR has it ever been… NOR shall it ever be to demonstrate misguided loyalty by aiding and abetting any corrupt president’s attempt to cover up criminal and/or treasonous behavior.

Since this apparently exceeds Trump’s educational and ethical pay grade… of the fake prez we must now ask ourselves… and more to the point… ask aloud…

“What kind of man is this?”




A Sunday Kind Of Love (Sunday Songs Series)

Welcome to Week #8 of our Sunday Songs Series. On this occasion, we’ll be giving a listen to musical legend Ms. Etta James’ performance of the Barbara Belle / Anita Leonard / Stan Rhodes / Louis Prima composition… A Sunday Kind Of Love.

As the song history goes… this day’s blog falls one week shy of the Claude Thornhill Orchestra 11/11/1946 original recording date. Released in 1947, it was destined to become the signature song of that big band’s vocalist, Ms. Fran Warren.

As the lyrical story goes… the composers’ premise / promise is that once couples soar up to a Sunday level of love, their lives will naturally segue into At Last, “till death do us part” magnitude, magnificent relationships.

I’d wholeheartedly offer up my “amen” to those lovely sentiments!

And since there’s usually not much else to add after an “amen”, I’ll take that as my cue to end this post… well… save to say… I’ll meet you back here in seven days for one more venture into our Sunday Song Series.

BTW… for anyone who has missed our past, Sunday journeys… or would like to revisit any of our former musical destinations… they are all conveniently archived within my music category.


November BlogCast ~ Moments of Silence


Time again for another of our monthly musical get-togethers. This time around the video selections will reflect a melancholy mood. That’s about the most one could expect considering the recent, mere week apart incidents of domestic terrorism. More specifically…

• An anti-Semitic domestic terrorist, armed with Glock .357 handguns and a Colt AR-15 rifle, went on a rampage at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue (my heartfelt hopes that the 6 wounded folks recover as much as is humanly / medically possible. My wholehearted condolences to the families and friends of the 11 who perished).

∗ The USPS became the unwitting deliverers of a mindless, hate-mongering domestic terrorist’s pipe bombs… approximately one dozen IEDs designed to intimidate anyone who does not mindlessly march in lockstep with the mindless, hate-mongering, fake prez. Fortunately… none of these devices exploded.

In both cases that alleged prez refuses to own the violence which his willful hate-mongering has spawned amongst his devotees.

Considering how 11 gunshot victims have been silenced and factoring in how there have been multiple attempts to silence the Freedom of Speech of the liberally minded… well… the following imagery enhanced, somber selections are quite apropos…


Ernesto Cortazar ~ Piano Cover of Beethoven’s “Silence”

The Fall of 2018? The Downfall of America?

Shakira Elizabeth ~ Flute Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”

“Silence like a Cancer grows!” We mustn’t let the rightwing media noise machine drown us out!

Luca Valenti’s Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”

Never allow anyone to gag your mouth / silence your liberal views!


I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you to click back here for my next monthly BlogCast… slated to hit the www during the first week of December 2018.

FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.