The Fine Line ‘Tween Persistence and Pestering


‘Tis the season to be tortured by robocallers, telemarketers, extortionists and identity thieves… and that season lasts twelve months annually. Obviously, being registered on the national “DO NOT CALL” list means absolutely nothing. Pressing whatever number these bastards oft “offer” to delete our names from their databases serves only one purpose… to assure a barrage of their subsequent calls.

If it were only a few, isolated incidents where I could politely say “not interested” and never be bothered again. But that’s not the case when dealing with a rude ‘tude… best summed up thusly…

Oh yeah? How DARE you refuse me / resist my scam? I will hound you until the day you die and then come after your survivors, too! And you cannot do one damned thing about it!

Neither using my answering machine to field these calls nor totally turning it off resolves the prob. More worrisome… just how much abuse can this equipment take before the digital recorder and/or ringer “burns out”? In the case of the latter these sadists will simply let my phone ring dozens of times per call… and still call back! This has got to be their twisted notion of punishment for anyone who’d dare to deliberately avoid them.

And what about the ill-mannered callers, who do front (more or less) legitimate businesses? What crappy training they had to have received to not comprehend the fine line between persistence and pestering. Indeed, they seem utterly clueless to the fact that nobody can ever high-pressure a customer into buying any product or service. In other words… zero customer respect nets zero bucks.

Worse yet, some of their sales pitch assaults are also insults… e.g., they’ll ofttimes claim they’re calliing back because I had requesed they do so. Their implication being what? That I must be feeble-minded if I don’t remember doing so? And then what? I’m supposed to pretend to remember something that never, ever happened? And then what? Knuckle under to mindlessly buy whatever crap they’re peddling?

I have complained to my service provider. When they informed me that the majority of such calls originate from outside my homeland’s borders I allowed them block all international calls… to no avail. And since (obviously) the problem is also domestic, I’m now considering having the phone company permanently pull the plug on my landline. HOWEVER… this is the one and only phone number that has ever been in my family’s name… dating back to 1958! Yep, those seven digits are the very same ones I committed to memory as a four-year-old!

And all sentimentality aside… landline service could, someday, be a lifesaver. My experiment during August 2003’s Northeast Power Grid Crash, had proven that my cell, held mere inches away from my regular phone could not get it to ring even once.

So… down to my last option is where I’m at. I’ll now be treating my landline like my cell… “turning it on” / plugging it in ONLY when I need to place an outgoing call. Of course, the real kick in the ass is how I’ll still be paying my phone company full price for far less than full service.

Forced into social isolation because robocallers, telemarketers, extortionists and identity thieves flat-out refuse to take my flat-out “NO!” for an answer.


Make America Stable Again ~ 1 Quick Limerick #069


Give strongman / crooked Don his concrete wall,
To stay secure? Make that FOUR walls in all!
Plus concrete ceiling and floor,
Plus steel barred, deadbolted door,
Then LOCK HIM UP in his prison cell / stall!


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Psychological Projection ~ 1 Quick Limerick #068


In Twitter rants, the fake prez doth attack,
Assumes the role of a head shrinking quack,
“Dumb as a rock!” He’ll brand foes,
“Lazy as Hell!” He’ll suppose,
Faults he himself, sure as Hell, doth not lack!


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Diversity’s Verses… A Holiday / Every Day Message

I wrote this poem in anticipation of 17’s rocky transition of power. Now 2 years later, it still remains my fervent hope that such sentiments can help thaw out cold-heartedness, outsmart the ignorance and outshine the Dark Ages despotism which threatens to sour sweet liberty all across my homeland and throughout our world…


The dark cold cosmic fabric, bright warm Sol’s embrace,

Tuck in Ol’ Big Blue, as it spins through vast space,

For all we may know, it’s the one, ONLY place,

The fragile home world, of the whole human race.

We look like our Creator, so say many preachers,

It’s DNA’s double helix, so say science teachers,

Be beliefs fact or faith based, humans are the same creatures,

We must never prejudge, based on external features.

Our world’s latitudes vast, within which we spin,

Helped ordain how much melanin, tints all our skin,

The isles, seas and mounts, which once kept us apart,

Caused diverse accents, tongues, cultures, right from the start.

Genetics’ roll of the dice, dictates whom we’ll date,

Be we transgender, bisexual, gay, lez or straight,

Just like left or right-handedness, blue eyes or brown,

We must accept diverse traits, with wide smile, not snide frown.

From conception…

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Sunday Songs Series / Blondie’s Sunday Girl

Presently at week #13 in our Sunday Song Series, this time, let’s “space out” on the trippy, time trippin’, masterful mashup videography, which enhances two of Blondie’s decades apart performances of Sunday Girl.

Meet me back here seven days from now for our next Sunday Song.



Is this too soon? Or long overdue?


Is it fair to judge a recently deceased, ex “world leader” by the dirty deeds of his daddy? That dirty daddy had been a scum wad (is there any other kind?) war profiteer, who helped bankroll Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and subsequent occupation / devastation of Europe… the overall WW-II death toll winding up at an estimated 70 – 85 Million (inclusive of the genocide of six million Jews and irradiation / incineration of nearly a quarter million Japanese).

Later on… dirty daddy’s son would father a son of his own… which prompts the followup question…

Is it fair to judge that father by the dirty deeds of his son? As we know, sonny went on to become a “world leader”, who’d provoke two pointless, endless, no-win, post 9/11 occupations and authorize the valueless, barbaric torture of the POWs of his own making. Oddly enough, the bin Laden family and his were/are palsy-walsy. Of course, even such an alliance could NEITHER diminished the combined civilian / troops death toll (estimated at nearly a quarter million and still counting… indeed, more genocide) NOR lessen the devastation of the Middle East real estate.

True this recently deceased, ex “world leader” did wind up doing some good in our world… even to the point of becoming a Navy Lieutenant who (indirectly) helped defeat his own daddy’s pal, Dolf). However, what he could’ve done better was attempting to win over his critically thinking naysayers… oh… say… by publicly denouncing both his father and son. Of course… it’s now too late for that.

All of which prompts one final followup question…

Was the absence of such condemnations due to his fierce family loyalty or was this representative of his tacit approval?

Naturally, only he had known the answer to that. However, if that latter attitude does sum it all up, it’d not be unfair to conclude…

Like father like son.



Sunday Songs Series ~ Read ADVISORY Prior To Viewing

If you’ve recently lost someone near and dear to you… regardless of the circumstances… it’d probably be best for you to skip this musical presentation… and return next Sunday when the subject matter will be far less (potentially) disturbing.

To be sure… not all in life is pleasant… especially when loss of life occurs under tragic circumstances… e.g., dying within / near the mangled wreckage of a totaled vehicle… especially when the accident may’ve even been totally avoidable.

To be sure… ever since Jan & Dean first sang of Dead Man’s Curve, the Shangri-Las lamented over the demise of the Leader of the Pack, and the Cavaliers’ J. Frank Wilson sang of his tender, till we meet again in the Great Beyond, Last Kiss shared with his doomed passenger/GF (later covered by Pearl Jam)… traffic fatalities have been a popular staple of pop music.

Even so, such related accounts proved nowhere near as moving as what we experience when being eyewitnesses to Bat For Lashes’ Sunday Love… the featured week-12 video of our ongoing, still going strong, Sunday Song Series. In this clip, English / Pakistani* singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Khan also role-plays the not-quite-yet-widowed, not-quite-yet-bride. Her anguish is practically palpable as we watch her fiancé… the love of her life… levitated from her cradling arms… vanishing into “the light”… a light as vibrantly white as her bridal gown. Even though this is “only” a dramatization, it almost feels as if our condolences are in order.

And… at the risk of now sounding preachy… also seeming to be in order is my message to all concerned folks who hope to steer clear of becoming auto accident fatalities…

First and foremost… don’t drive impaired by either high proof libations or distracted by intense emotions AND… of course… obey all the rules of the road. Due diligence can and will ensure that we can meet back here seven days from now for next Sunday’s new song offering.

Until then… please drive safely!

Bat For Lashes – Sunday Love (Encore LIVE Performance)

* Be sure to follow my supplied Wikipedia link to Khan’s bio… to read of the real world, ethnic discrimination she had been forced to endure.




December BlogCast ~ A Nontraditional Holiday/Wintry Mix


Greetings to all. Once again, it’s time for our monthly musical get-together.

My mission… to present a non-traditional holiday / wintry mix to tap into those year-end, taking inventory of our lives, contemplative moods, which many of us do tend to experience as the December holidays start to descend upon us.

To define “non-traditional”… well… unless you opt to click onto this paragraph’s links… don’t expect to hear any holiday tunes featuring either Woof-Woof translations or harmonizing, hyperactive Chattering Chipmunks.

Instead… the music on tap will tap into folk at its finest… and in the case of 4 out of the 5 tracks, they’ll be accompanied by visually stunning scenes of Ma Nature at her finest… reminders to us all of what we stand to lose should we foolishly dis her.

On a technical note… there are a couple of ways to deal with YouTube commercials… those Madison Avenue jingles, which really do jangle BlogCast aesthetics. TRUE, we can just accept them “as is”… HOWEVER… if you’d prefer to don your DJ cap… the following brief tutorial could come in handy.

To ensure these segues are seamless, cue them all up in advance. Once you either PLAY or SKIP these Ads simply click PAUSE and confirm each song’s counter is set at 0:00.

And that now said… let’s let the recording artists and videographers say the rest…


Don McLean ~ Winterwood

Tom Paxton ~ Early Snow

James Taylor ~ You’ve Got a Friend

Joni Mitchell ~ The Circle Game

Steve Miller Band ~ Seasons

I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you to click back here for my next monthly BlogCast… slated to hit the www during the first week of January 2019.

FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.