A Wall-Less House of Worship ~ Sunday Song Series

We’ve now reached week #18 of our Sunday Song Series. This time, country recording artist Craig Morgan covers That’s What I Love About Sunday… a.k.a. composers Adam Dorsey / Mark Narmore’s, seen through Sunday eyes, ode to life / life’s simple pleasures. While these lyrics harbor a distinct southern perspective re this day of rest, is not such serenity also sought by souls, planet-wide?

And this need not involve Christians / Americans only. Musically inclined folks… spanning our vast globe… could easily customize this mellow melody to pen lyrics to address their own spiritual / cultural values. And lest we forget, one can even view our world through secular eyes and still cherish / yearn for the “little things in life”.

Indeed… whatever loving God we worship… or not… wherever we hail from… basically… we ARE the same.

What I love most about That’s What I Love About Sunday stems from an outgrowth of the visual aspects… namely… the videographer concept of a wall-less house of worship. To be sure, my idea of the ideal Sunday services would be meeting in an out-of-doors setting. To commune with society / nature does imply peaceful coexistence… a wide open, toll-free bridge to the rest of humanity.

As 2018’s ending, heartbreaking current events now spill over into 2019… now more than ever… such a unifying span is what’s sorely lacking and so desperately needed.

Our Sunday Song Series will continue seven days from now…