Spirituality and Patriotism

Seeing how the current Oval Office occupant routinely makes a big stink over issues such as bible thumping and flag hugging… this does call into question whether or not he and his loyal supporters all have a firm grasp on the true meaning of spirituality and patriotism? The truth is that… unless seen with perfect 20/20 vision and in 3D… both virtues can become flat, blah and meaningless. Hopefully this re-blogged, vision corrective lens / thought experiment will be helpful in preventing Election Day 2016 / History from repeating itself come 2020?


Most people profess their love for God and country. We’ve seen a lot of these sentiments serve as window dressing to bogusly spruce up one particular 2016 presidential candidate’s campaign rallies (need I even name him?). That said, does everybody actually understand how deep spirituality and patriotism need to go?

To better illustrate this, either actually run this “experiment” or just imagine doing so. First write whatever symbols represent your religion on a sheet of paper. Not to worry… even atheism has its own “logo” and I truly believe folks can still feel love and behave in a spiritual manner even without a Supreme Being entering the picture. Next, draw an image of your nation’s flag.

No need to be concerned if your calligraphy and artistry are just so-so. Of primary importance here is to, first, observe the height and width of everything you’ve written and drawn and, next, view…

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