“50 Ways” Not To Leave Your Lover (Sunday Song Series)

My keep a hanky handy advisory accompanies the arrival of week #20 of our Sunday Song Series. That’s because listening to… correction… experiencing Tell Me on a Sunday does have a tendency to tug at the heartstrings… i.e., owing to the fact that music composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyricist Don Black and thespian / vocalist Denise Van Outen have all so proficiently tapped into their own souls and unique skillsets to breath life into “the dots” and words appearing on the musical score.

In doing so they’ve made fully palpable the raw, heartbroken sorrow that goes hand in hand with failed relationships… that is… if “relationships” ever was the applicable word here.

Contrasting with lyricist Paul Simon, who once-upon-a-time mused about the 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Black’s lyrics tell us precisely how not to. While what Simon says may make it sound so simple… i.e, the manner in which he so flippantly flips it all off… what Black counsels is have a little heart… please?

And while men do get their hearts broken, too, it’s fair to speculate that… disproportionately so… stormy relationships are something women are forced to weather far more often… far too often… once again… if “relationships” ever was the applicable word here.

Of course it might only be a silly macho thing… i.e., society favoring the “strong” silent type… which causes males to be under-counted? But digging deeper into that is best left for a another Sunday / another blog.

Beyond savoring Tell Me on a Sunday based upon the pure artistry, a torch song such as this could also enlighten all… especially in a world full of full of themselves, love ‘em and leave ‘em cads… could well serve as a reminder that the heart is not a toy to be abused, broken and tossed aside. No siree, love should never be a game… if “love” ever was the applicable word here.

The words that are applicable here… it’s likely Ms. Van Outen’s own melancholy memories of love lost which fire the passion in her voice… unleash the rush of raw, frayed feelings from her soul… cause the fought back tears in her eyes. If she has yet to find resolve, one can only hope the everlasting love and respect every human deserves will soon be hers anew.

More applicable words… our Sunday Song Series will return… seven days from now.