Cindy Stowell’s Incredible Jeopardy Finale

This past week, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek addressed his fans… the world… re a literal life or death matter… his upcoming war vs. stage IV pancreatic cancer… a battle he is determined to wage and win. To be sure, the immense power of optimism backs the smiling face and stiff upper lip. We’ve even seen it happen before during Cindy Stowell’s appearance as a Jeopardy! contestant. The good karma Trebek accrued for all the compassion he showed her can only act as a potent driving force behind his flat-out conquering of all that ails him.


The Cindy Stowell Story is heartwarming, inspiring and extraordinary. Despite the grim diagnosis of stage four cancer, she auditioned and proved herself fully qualified to appear on Jeopardy. Because she had advised the program’s accommodating staff of her medical condition, they had sped up their normal contestant selection process so she could compete sooner.

Only a few of the show’s producers and host Alex Trebek had known that the time she had left was limited.

Well… Stowell not only competed well but competed while ill.

During one taping, she had been nauseous, feverish and in need of painkillers… those meds slowing down her reaction time, which made signaling in to provide the questions to the answers an even greater challenge.

Even more miraculous, there had been a Jeopardy taping hiatus, which, purely by coincidence, had perfectly jibed with her need for hospitalization… allowing her sufficient time to regain her strength……

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