Extreme Unction / Function ~ Sunday Song Series

With our weekly Sunday Songs Series now attaining the one-half year mark, we find singer, songwriter, record producer and music video director Sia… birthname Sia Kate Isobelle Furler… delineating the ways folks may wind up spending their Sundays… in particular, those who’ve opted to overindulge / self-inflict illness.

From the Oh BTW Dept… singer / songwriter Kris Kristofferson, penned his own Sunday titled / themed song, where he hauntingly addresses this “spirited” issue… referring to it as the Sunday Morning Coming Down syndrome. We’ll likely also be giving a listen to his insights… perhaps in as few as seven days from now.

Returning this week’s featured track… a Sia / Samuel Dixon collaboration… they wind up dabbling with what I’ve dubbed Extreme Function. For all intents and purposes, they’re applying the musical and lyrical anointment to those who are nursing hangovers and comparable lingering deleterious after-effects… precipitated by the consumption of whatever abused substances are in play. To help alleviate these “at death’s door” sensations… or lack thereof… they cleverly shift between the dreary minor chords to the chorus’ more upbeat major chords… their way of reassuring “Yeah, it will be OK.”

From the Oh BTW Dept… within the Roman Catholic faith, this actual anointment of the ill and dying is the sacrament formerly known as Extreme Unction… hence the source of my blog title wordplay.

Whether or not you now find yourselves afflicted, I do hope this song has everyone feeling OK this Sunday… and invite all to meet me back here next week for Song #27 of our still going strong Sunday Song Series.