RU Hung Over? Hang Out Here! ~ Sunday Song Series

Our Sunday Song Series continues… this week featuring Kris Kristofferson’s Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down. This singer/songwriter’s picturesque storytelling lyrics focus upon the unfocused… i.e., the hungover, who’ve been haunted by liquid spirits / perhaps other substances and now find themselves ruefully ministering (<- forgive the wordplay… it IS Sunday) to the debilitating aftereffects.

Under such circumstances, it’s easy to see how dulcet tones could come in handy… and considering the voices of this vid’s dynamic duo, we’ve hit the jackpot! This particular duet is so apropos, too, seeing how Johnny Cash’s cover has been credited with making Kristofferson’s tune a Billboard Country Music chart topper.

To discover where our next Sunday Song journey will take us, let’s meet up back here seven days from now…